10 Best Conor Mcgregor Haircut and How to Get Them

Conor Mcgregor’s name remained hidden in the boxing world until later when he took the fashion industry by the storm with stylish and trendy hairstyles. From short to long hair, conor McGregor haircut and beard enamor guys with dense straight, generous hair to complete the sportiest hairstyles. Below is conor mcgregor haircut and how to style them.


1.Undercut with Slicked Back Hair

Taper Fade with Comb Over and Beard

At a glance, McGregor whips up a full-fledged slicked back undercut that perfectly illuminates sheen to his curls. The more extended hair on top allows seamless styling in this staple haircut for most guys. By trimming the sides and back with knife-edge-precise length, he left the distance-end-to-end on top ready slicking back.

How To Style

  • You’ll need a clipper, gel and a comb as well as undercut sides and the back
  • Slick back the hair after smearing some gel to maintain the volume
  • The sideburns become vivid where the beard contour extends to meet
  • Curry and trim down your beard while still visible, into a gentle version, enriching the sleek style
  • A colored glass polishes off the hairstyle

2. Taper Fade with Comb Over and Beard

Taper Fade with Comb Over and Beard

The classic Taper Fade with Comb Over and Beard style shows McGregor has flair balancing between classiness and versatility. His taper fade comb-over hairstyle features sleek hair atop and short sides that dwindle away to the skin at the hairline. Similar to a shrinkage transition from locks to hairless, the side spots faded from skin to a full-blown beard.

How To Style

  • Arm yourself with t-liner clippers, a low bald fade, and a comb to make a fade-line, preferably an inch above your ears
  • Clip the hair from a more extended length to tinier ones as the dwindling slows down
  • Comb over the hair nestled on top; the beard enriches the machismo of the haircut

3. Buzz Cut with Thick Beard

Buzz Cut with Thick Beard


Flash into mind this guy’s authentic buzz cut has the hair clipped to its minimum length, at the penultimate phase of a full shave. His beard sprouted as thick as pea’s soup to boost the elegance of the hairstyle. He only revived a staple male hairstyle double-backed for the most exquisite gentleman’s look.

How To Style

  • Get electric clippers to “buzz” your hair at the top to the same length
  • To beat out a beard with an equivalent range to your buzz-cut, thin it out to 6 millimeters
  • You’ll create an immaculate buzz that perfectly fuses with a medium cut beard sideways and left thick on the chin

4. Shaved Sides with Braided Top Knot

Shaved Sides with Braided Top Knot

Pattern your ninja bun, top-knot or man-bun like this guy’s shaved sides and braid. His edgy cornrows inject texture into the twists with a touch of versatility. The path of least resistance requires patience for the hair to shoot up to the high ponytail. Just a scrap with the knot behind, leaving the rest portions a smooth-shaven bald.

How To Style

  • Start by trimming down your hair along the sides and back sparing long hair on the top
  • Give your hair time to grow with edgy and urban sides
  • Now make a tress behind and toss it above the head to create a knot
  • You can improve the hairstyle with weaved patterns on the sides or back


5. High Fade with Messy Quiff and Beard

High Fade with Messy Quiff and Beard

Take a whack at this guy’s brush-up style; he has tousled a relaxed, messy style. His head-turning style whittles down the sides and back to accentuate the hair on top of his head. He rocks with his side and back trimmed down into a well-groomed fade.

How To Style

  • The high, tight clipper, firm-bristled brush, and gel will do the job
  • You’ll need longer, plumped up and thick hair on top
  • Evenly clip the sides in an undercut or taper haircut and leave the hair at the top of your head at 2-to-4 inches
  • Brush up the sides for a quaff, cropping the hair upwards in a stance of an accentuated forelock


6. Tapered Sides with Slicked Hair

Tapered Sides with Slicked Hair

Visualize how this under shave in McGregor’s Tapered Sides with Slicked Hair vindicates a formal hairstyle. To polish off, he reshaped his hair into a slicked-back look, and a beard subtly positioned to the sideburns. But he spent chunks of time developing the front with a tapering crown.

How To Style

  • Get a high shine product and clippers to buzz down a slick style
  • Clip to blend sides with a medium fade before you slick the hair atop backward
  • You can also wear a classic tapering with a tousled, textured style
  • For a more fashionable style, slick it back

7. Long Slicked Back Undercut

Long Slicked Back Undercut

Here, he shaves sides with long hair slicked back to jazz up a classic style ubiquitous in the celebrity world. His hair swept backpacks a classy, refined vibe in a high-contrast style. The beard should blend in the bristle while you slick back the side and back for a natural look.

How To Style

  • Keep your hair with some moisture after a shower and apply a balm with the most excellent shine
  • Distribute your styling product uniformly and apply thoroughly through thick and curly hair
  • With a comb and blow dryer, to pull your hair and slick back in one fell swoop
  • Direct the hair diagonally into the most elegant version

8. Long Angular Comb Over with Fade and Beard


Here, this gentleman’s perfect under-shave divorces the idea of an undercut but still stands out. The under shave hairstyle gives him the polished look of a professional. Comb over styles offers a wide variety of options with a throw-back feel. A barber uses the clippers to trim side hair and shears to cut the spiked hair.

How To Style

  • Get a comb, blow-dryer and styling product or pomade
  • Applying a trace of the product with your fingers on the hair on top and comb through gently
  • Twist hair to create bundles on top of your head emphasizing the tips

9. Textured Crew Cut

textured Crew Cut


Now, this man became the talk of the town with a clean-cut and dapper-like hairstyle shaped in a slightly spiked textured crew cut. Though its short, the hairstyle’s dynamic texture makes it stylish. The crew cut refers to a pretty reserved tapered style, with the top hair clipped short, and the rest portions far much below this length.

How To Style

  • Swing into action with a fine-teethed comb and a premium pomade to trim the hair to your preferred length and texture
  • Visit the barber to hone your buzz with a lineup or blurry fade finely
  • You can put highlights on the edges of your hair to create the impression of denser hair with improved texture

10. Loose and Messy Man Braid

loose and messy man braid

This man knows how to spark his warrior testosterone with a bold and brave braid to make him the magnet of attention in the battlefield or the bar. His edgy, versatile look follows a trendy and one-of-a-kind style. It’s evolved from a man bun to a subtle, sharper and sophisticated form.

How To Style

  • Use a fine-tooth comb to slick your hair back into a spiky bush
  • Have your barber prepare the back and sides with an undercut
  • Twist, finger-tease, and weave down the braid, alternating sides to interlace all loose strands into the braid

The Bottom-Line

The pictures offer a rundown of conor mcgregor haircut styles to help you learn the ropes on how to mimic them. Undercut or under shave, slicked back and sides rule the roost in male contemporary styles. You can go for a pigtail, trim down the top hair or brush backward. Some gel and a rugged beard or mustache add to your masculine appeal.


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