Hair Color Ideas for Women 2018

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Today, many ladies have been inspired by some ways girls are coloring their hair. All hairstyles look great with some creative colors within and that’s why you will find several ladies on the streets with colored amazing colored hairstyles. These creative hair color ideas make any hairstyle to look trendy and extra ordinary but application of these colors may require help from a hair professional.

There many ways of making your hair colored and they range from permanent shades, temporary colors, hair-chalk and some women use high-intensity pigments. However, take a brief look at some of these creative hair color ideas for women and i think there is at least one hairstyle that works perfectly on your hair type and face shape.


Latest Colored Hairstyles for Women

2016 colored hairstyles

This lady features a punk short bob haircut with a purple color tone that makes it great for the winter season. If you have short or mid-length hair, then you should try out this haircut because it will make you look very attractive and sensitive.

This color looks great because it contrast very-well with the darker hair tone at the crown hence adding an ultra-shine, feminine charm to your hairstyle. However, this color shade may fade quickly but it can be easily refreshed using a two-step coloring process.

How to style

  • Begin by carefully trimming hair while creating a spiky effect at the ends then wash it out with a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Using a fiber towel, gently pat hair dry then grab a round brush plus a blow-dryer to make it straight and smooth.
  • Deeply part it and then let all the hair fall freely below the cheekbone.
  • Section hair into 2-parts by securing it with a hair-band then apply a coloring gel or creme to the lower section just a few inches away from the crown but leave the top with its natural black color.
  • Let the coloring gel to settle within your for some good minutes then wash it out with cold water.
  • Leave hair to air-dry and then gently brush it out as you blow-dry to make it sleek and straight the set style with hair sheen spray.

Recommended product

A color-enhancing conditioner: this will help to refresh the color-shade with your amazing colorful hairstyle by adding some extra shine or gloss.

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