5 Chic Curly Hairstyles For Long Hair Ideas 2018

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Some women have naturally curly hair but those who do not have it also want it and they can only achieve such hair by use of curling tools, creams or gels. Long curly hairstyle frame out almost any face shape and will make any woman to look great whether going for work or for any occasion.

Many women today are going for long curly hairstyles because they make them look natural and stylish yet they are very easy to look after. This particular article features several great curly hairstyles for long hair that look easy and fun in order to rock your voluminous locks and you will even turn some heads with any of these hairstyles.


Curly hairstyles for long hair

curly hairstyles for long hair

Curly hairstyles for long hair: You should try to lighten up your hair locks by applying these airy soft curls within your long hairstyle. These curls begin to form just after the crown section while falling down past the shoulders and the hair tips finely textured with a wispy look. These bouncy curls will offer any woman with a gorgeous look that is great for a night out, wedding or even just hanging out with friends.

How to style

  • Apply a curling mousse or cream to your long hair when it is still damp so that the product can be distributed thoroughly and easily within your hair.
  • Section the hair into 3-parts whereby some hair should be pushed at the back and the rest to each of the sides.
  • Using hair clips, secure each section and then take smaller sections and twist them around using a curling iron. Make sure your twist some hair towards the face and the rest away from your face.
  • Leave your hair for some good minutes to air dry or you may use a diffuser to make the drying process much quicker.
  • Once all the hair is dry, apply a mist of shine serum over it in order to soften the curls. Try to flip your head upside down to in order to add some volume and then shake out your curls to make them look bouncy and sexy.

Recommended product

Lightweight leave-in conditioner: curls need extra moisture inorder to fight any frizz and dryness that usually occurs and the only solution to this is applying a good leave in conditioner to your hair.

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