40 Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Haircuts Ideas for Men

Do you plan to achieve a stylish haircut which will offer you a great change? Definitely, you then should consider the faux hawk or fohawk haircuts. With the haircut, find a few tips on style your stands in the top men’s faux hawk hairstyles.



Faux hawk hairstyles provide a good option to style your hair in a fashionable way. Since haircuts and hairstyling will no longer be limited to the woman class, you may find a lot of men opting to deck up their hair style in the almost all stylish ways.

Nicely, fohawk is just one this kind of haircut for men which gives them a traditional makeover. Faux hawk is a haircut with great features which can be mixed and matched to set up a style which gives you an out-of-the-crowd look. Surely, I am confident that most you guys are willing to know the best faux hawk hairstyles for men and also try out one of these immediately, right? Below are the options to check.


Ways to Get the Faux Hawk

The Haircut

In every of those hairstyles, standard type of cutting hair is still the same. This haircut generally involves cutting out hair on both sides and staying longer hair on the top of your head particularly those close to your hairline. The hair on each side and backside is cut quite shorter rather than the hair on the top of the head.

Keep in mind that the length of portion of hair on both sides and backside of your head is ‘slightly shorter’ instead of extremely short compared to the hair on the top of your head. Right now a lot of men choose a fohawk hairstyle in which the hair on sides is not shorten and remained around 1 to 1½ inches long and also fashioned with hair gel.

Within this simple faux hawk haircuts you can attempt out numerous hairstyles. In many of the faux hawk styles for men, the portion of hair on the top of the head is typically manipulated. Let us show you that spikes are the main thing of many of the latest hairstyles. You may create traditional hairstyles by style hair into beautiful spikes and with gels and styling sprays.

Popular Faux Hawk

In the the majority of famously fashioned faux hawk, hair on the top of the head is spiked, with all other parts of the hair just combed and also swept back or toward the front. You may set up a great look by using gel to the hair close to hairline on both sides and also sweeping the front row in flat spiky style over the face. Then, give the top spikes face directly up-wards or towards the front.

The Sober Look

For an advanced touch, the long hair on the top of the head is side swept by increasing a side part. This side swept hair is fashioned into soft spikes with gel. Hair on sides would be combed backwards or remained simple by combing it downwards straight into the ears. Hair on back of the head can be remained simple. The faux hawk could bethe simplest to choose if you wish to add a effect of spice to the soft proper look.

Glamorous Fohawk

For an extremely glamorous result, spikes are featured with hair colors. Between the different hair color choice methods, frosted tips or just hair highlights are mainly generally used in faux hawk. Frosted tips can cause an amazing impact with great shades of hair color. In this kind of a hairstyle, the hair on the back can also be spiked together with the hair on the top of the head. Furthermore, the spiky impact is quite a bit prominent. Men moreover don spiky bangs with strands of hair on the top of head standing straight up, a couple of inch high!

For the Awesome You . . .

The messy faux hawk could be one thing to experiment with if you are walking out in your impressive casuals. The messy faux hawk could be easily combed and also styled with your hands. If you need an extra specified look, apply styling gel to generate that messy appearance. Nicely, spikes in every direction could be the key to have that messy, still fairly happening look!

Faux hawk hair cuts already are a popular favourite of men. With the numerous styling choices and different ways to have a good look ideal for your outfit, that is absolutely an awesome choose for the season.


How To Cut A Fohawk Haircuts Tutorial

Pictures Of Fohawk Haircuts

1. Finger combed faux hawk

finger combed faux hawk

2. Front combed faux hawk

Front combed faux hawk

3. buzz cut faux hawk

buzz cut faux hawk

4. spiked faux hawk

spiked faux hawk

5. curly faux hawk

curly faux hawk

6. deep part faux hawk

deep part faux hawk

7. shaggy faux hawk

shaggy faux hawk

8. layered faux hawk

layered faux hawk

9. smooth faux hawk

smooth faux hawk

10. short low fade faux hawk

short low fade faux hawk

11. long faux hawk

long faux hawk

12. curled faux hawk

curled faux hawk

13. skin fade faux hawk

skin fade faux hawk

14. classic faux hawk

classic faux hawk

15. pointy faux hawk

pointy faux hawk

16. high top fade faux hawk

high top fade faux hawk

17. professional faux hawk

professional faux hawk

18. tiny faux hawk

tiny faux hawk

19. bald fade faux hawk

bald fade faux hawk

20. african american faux hawk

african american faux hawk

21. ponytail faux hawk

ponytail faux hawk

23. subtle faux hawk

subtle faux hawk

24. tapered faux hawk

tapered faux hawk

25. almost faux hawk

almost faux hawk

26. long and curly faux hawk

long and curly faux hawk

27. back buzz cut faux hawk

back buzz cut faux hawk

28. rat tail faux hawk

rat tail faux hawk

29. full sides faux hawk

full sides faux hawk

30. flipped faux hawk

flipped faux hawk

31. twisted faux hawk

twisted faux hawk

32. low and long faux hawk

low and long faux hawk

33. high top spiked faux hawk

high top spiked faux hawk

34. swirl faux hawk

swirl faux hawk

35. beginner faux hawk

beginner faux hawk

36. wavy faux hawk

wavy faux hawk

37. precise faux hawk

precise faux hawk

38. short buzz cut faux hawk

short buzz cut faux hawk

39. hair design faux hawk

hair design faux hawk

40. rocker faux hawk

rocker faux hawk


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