40 Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Haircuts Ideas for Men

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4. Spiked faux hawk

spiked faux hawk

In case it is drama and edge you are searching for in your hawk cut, so this type is certainly the style for you. When the edges are clipped short, the nape and top stay on longer then spiked and shaped into a fantastic Mohawk.

5. Curly faux hawk

curly faux hawk

One of the better aspects of a faux hawk haircut is because it does work nicely with various hair textures. This type is done on purely curly hair, the sides are faded and low

6. deep part faux hawk

deep part faux hawk

The method your faux hawk haircut is parted causes a difference in how it appears. This model is parted intensely on both sides then faded, while the top is a lot more understated and just spiked up.

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