5 Attractive Short Hair Color For Women to Try in 2018

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Short hair is becoming a natural preference amongst women to men today because of its easy to manage and also gives an alluring appeal. Short hair can even be enhanced by colors because this makes it look more appealing and lovely.

You will also notice that in some of the most famous celebrities feature these haircuts because they somehow make them look trendy and unique. Likewise, these famous artists have pushed hair-styling to the hilt by trying and popularizing trendy hairstyles.

In fact you can recreate, color and enhance your short hair whichever way you like as long as this increases your appeal and charm.

In this article, i have presented some examples of short hair color which are enhanced by lovely colors whereby you can readily choose or mimic some one of these carefully selected hairstyles as long as you get one that is applicable and fits your personality and mood.

Attractive short hair color for women

Attractive colored short hair cuts for women

This is a lovely and awesome short pixie haircut that is characterized by amazing strands of light-brown colored hair with some dark-colored streaks around the fringe area. The style features an amazing fringe and even has short spikes at the crown which greatly enhance its beauty.

On the other hand, the subtle layers within this haircut help to increase on the texture and volume of her hair while the added color makes this haircut even more eye-catching. I also think that this haircut will look great on any face shape but to achieve, you must make sure that it is styled in a proper way.


How to style:

  • On your damp hair, apply a good volumizing mousse while teasing it gently throughout the hair using your fingertips. But try to use a reasonable amount of it so that you don’t weigh down hair.
  • Apply some hair wax to your short hair and then begin to gently blow-dry it with a blow-dryer that has an attachment so that hair is not exposed to excess heat. But in case you have time, you can leave hair to air-dry because this really helps to keep it looking healthy and fresh.
  • Style the fringe sideways and the hair on sides downwards while using a medium paddle brush then slightly tousle the crown section with your fingertips.
  • Finish by sealing in your style with a medium-hold and shining hair-spray so as to get a completely fresh and sexy look.

Recommended product:

Anti-gravity hair volumizer and texturizer: this will offer control with your short hair and also give it an oil-free, long-lasting shine.

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