5 Best Afro Textured Hairstyles for African American Women

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An Afro textured hairstyles is a type of African American hairstyle which is left in its natural state to grow without using any hair styling / relaxing products. This type of hairstyle has its roots from Madagascar, it used to be a popular hairstyle in 1868 but I’m surprised it still rocks even in the 21st century and I have no doubts, it will keep on rocking in the next coming centuries.

Afro textured short hairstyles are always dry by nature, you can only moisturize it by eating well and drinking enough water, it gets its own moisture from the scalp. So you have to drink plenty of water and eat natural fats to sustain the smoothness of an Afro textured hairstyles.

In this post I have featured some cool examples to inspire you have this type of hairstyle, go natural and look African. Be proud of your color and embrace your roots.

afro textured hair styles

afro textured hair styles

If you have admiring Afro textured hairstyle, when you look at this picture, you will stop admiring and start growing one. It is time you go from relaxed hair to a natural hairstyle. By default, nothing out compets natural hair, because it shows your natural beauty and you don’t have to worry about it getting frizzy unless when you have natural curls.  To have this type of hairstyle, you need to develop a certain degree of discipline, if you can’t follow the books and get rid of this relaxing hair products, then this hairstyle might become a night mare to you. In the first place, you have to eat a balanced diet because natural hair feeds on what we eat.


When you look at her hair, you can see it’s well textured and soft at the same time, she didn’t use any gel / hairspray for her hair to look like that, but a balanced diet is one of those factors which have contributed towards her Afro smoothness.

This type of hair gets dirty over time because out environment is full of dust so you have to wash it at least 3 times in a week, but you have to use an African American organic hair product  to clean that Afro-textured hairstyle. Organic hair cleaning products like shampoo & conditioner have natural ingredients which help your hair stay smooth and healthy. Use hair products with ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil,  any of these three ingredients will add smoothness to your Afro-textured hair.

On the other hand, when you grow this type of hair, you might have a few issues with dead skin cells / dandruff. This infection us cause by a virus and it is very common in natural hair, so once you get an itchy scalp and see yellow powder on your scalp, deep condition you’re using vinegar or a natural dandruff shampoo which has vinegar / citric acid. Leave in the conditioner for a while in your hair so that it weakness the dead skin and their after rinse it out with luke warm water. Let your hair dry naturally and then brush it out to perfect the Afro-textured hairstyle.


  • Natural hair shampoo & conditioner
  • Comb
  • Natural food supplements (vitamins & proteins)
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