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For ages, people thought that curly hair looked better longer because of its natural tendency of growing wide first and then falling down later. However, this thought is not true and it can be tossed-out easily. Curly inverted bob haircuts can really look feminine, playful and also easy to style and that’s why black women are going for such haircuts today.

Bob hairstyles exist in different categories but in this article I’m going to feature inverted bob hairstyles that contain curls and these really look awesome on most women. In other words, an inverted bob haircut is one which looks longer on one side and shorter on the other but it actually adds some style and charm to your looks. So go through this article and try out some of these rocking curly inverted bob haircuts styles.

Curly Inverted Bob Haircuts for Black Women

Curly Inverted Bob Haircuts for Black Women

This inverted bob haircut with lots of curls below the crown simply looks gorgeous and will even make any girl out there to look sexy. The haircut is a chin-length bob style with one side shorter than the other while all the hair in the lower section has been passed through a roller set to create full, sexy and satiny curls.

The deep side part that sweeps most hair across the top of the head helps to accumulate volume while the playful curls of the fringe falling over the face give the whole hairstyle a playful look and demure-quality. This style is just great for any party because it really looks simple and innocent.


How to style:

  • Start the whole process with clean, wet hair after moving out of the shower. But you should always remember to shampoo and condition the hair as you wash it for best results.
  • Apply a dab of your favorite strong hold gel allover your moist hair then deeply part some hair on one side using a comb or wide toothed comb.
  • Gently brush the bangs forward while pushing their ends backwards then secure them with bobby pins or hair-clip so that they don’t hang over the face as you style.
  • Allow the bangs and the rest of the hair to air-dry then use hot rollers to curls the hair that falls along the nape section.
  • Using a diffuser attached to a blow dryer, begin to dry the sides and back carefully but thoroughly then finish by removing any hair-clips and seal in your style with a medium hold spray.

Recommended product:

Hair setting spray: this product will greatly help to add some texture and hold to your curls throughout the day.

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