5 Best Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for African American Women

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Most people know bob haircuts as blunt cuts, this type of hair is classic and it a professional look which is not comparable to other hairstyles. An asymmetrical bob haircuts is one of those bob haircuts which will change your looks in just minutes, all you have to do is to snap your hair in a most unique way and get the best results with this type of hairstyle.

Many African American Women love this hairstyle because of its simplicity and classic look, if you plan to have one this season, I have featured 5 best Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts, choose one which goes well with your face shape.

Asymmetrical cut bob haircuts

Asymmetrical cut bob hairstyles

I’m a great fan of Rihanna but I think this is her most favorite hairstyle, I have watched lots of her music, but I always see her with this hairstyle, sometimes she can cut it short, but it will still be in the same shape.

When choosing an asymmetric bob haircut, you have to consider your face shape, because your hair has to be styled or shaped basing on your face shape. Ladies with round faces, you might not look nice with Rihanna asymmetric haircut, but those with oval / heart face shapes, you will look cool with this exact hairstyle.

If you have long hair, you need to visit a barber and ask them to cut your hair in an asymmetric shape. In that case, one side will be longer and sharper than the other.


After getting that perfect haircut, you can go back home and wash your hair with an organic shampoo so that it gets clean. Rinse out the shampoo with cold water to retain the thickness of your hair and nutrients from that organic shampoo.

Dry your hair with a blower, but make sure you set it at an average temperature to protect your hair from heat, once your hair is dry, flatten it with a flat iron but spray your hair with a heat protectant spray because heat produced by a flat iron can damage your hair.

Pull the flat iron downwards, but pull it away from the face and scalp. If your hair gets too dry while ironing it, sprinkle some little water over the hair so that it becomes moist and soft and continue ironing it flat.

Side sweep the section which seems long and put a smoothening gel to give your hair a smooth texture, just like that of Rihanna featured in the picture above.

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