5 Creative Beehive Hairdo’s for Black Women

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If you love vintage hairstyles, it’s time you rock with this 1960’s beehive hairdo style, it’s quite a complicated hairstyle, but once you get the concept right, you will enjoy the results, because not every black woman can have this nature of hairstyle.

A beehive is a huge updo, so it will require you to have some huge volume of hair, but I doubt if you can accommodate this volume of hair for 30 days, it looks to heavy, but women can handle anything, so, i will not be surprised when some African Women take it as their day-to-day hairstyle.

beyonce beehive bun updo hairstyle

beehive bun updo hairstyle

Beyonce knows how to pull off this vintage hairstyle; she looks so lovely and attractive. Creating this type of hairstyle by yourself is possible but it’s a little bit challenging, but I will not scare you, we shall go through a few steps to show you how to get this particular hairdo.

The first thing you have to do is to wash your hair, this will make it clean and soft to style, however, you have to use a natural hair shampoo / conditioner to wash your hair, this will guarantee that your hair retains & gets more nutrients to help it stay healthy and thick. For those with fine / thin hair, you might consider growing your hair thick because a beehive hairdo looks better when you have thick hair.

After washing your hair with shampoo / conditioner, you need to rinse out the hair product because when it stays in your hair for long, it damages it. But those with dead skin / dandruff, you should consider deep conditioning your hair or wash it with a special dandruff shampoo.

Dry your hair and brush it straight to remove tangles, after that, put some moderate amounts of gel / serum in your hands and spread it through your hair to increase on the smoothness and thickness of your hair.

Now you can hold your hair up to make that huge volume hairdo. To create this huge volume of hair easily, you might need aid from a voluminous hairspray. These can be bought from trusted online retailers like Amazon.

If you have bangs, style them like Beyounce did in the picture above, first treat them like the rest of the hair and then sweep them to the sides in a diagonal format.  Keep both the hairdo and the bangs soft and moist with a good hair spray.

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