5 Cute Half Updo Hairstyles For Prom

A prom night is one of the things that will make you find the perfect formal hairstyle is it becomes a major priority. There are many different styles to choose from whereby you can wear your hair down, up or even half-up but you probably need to figure out which style works best for you and your outfit which is a kind of a big task. So, I’m here to help make sure you look perfect for that big night by offering you with some of the best examples half-up hairstyles that will also inspire any lady.

The half-up, half-down hairstyles will also let some of your hair fall down but also leave some hair over your head and this actually helps to open up your face so that you can look more approachable and flirty. i have compiled some the best prom hairstyles for choose from and in fact these half-up styles are great for any season. So, what are you waiting for, just go for one of these gorgeous hairdos and you will probably have a night of your life.

Cute half updo hairstyles for prom

cute half updo hairstyles for prom

This lady features a volumized, textured half up-do with a pretty bump over the crown section which makes this style one of the best prom hairstyles. This style looks so simple and clean whereby it’s always looking trendy and that’s why many elegant ladies like it. This half-up hairstyle actually makes someone to look serious but cute and outstanding whereby it will even work for you in case you’re in a hurry or when you just like to keep looking simple. The style will work on those with long hair and on any hair texture but you should also consider knowing your face shape before you go for it.


How to style:

  • Gently apply a conditioning shampoo to your long hair using fingertip then rinse out the product with clean, Luke-warm water.
  • Blow-dry hair while using a large round brush but it’s recommended to do this step after applying smoothing, heat protection spray or serum over your moist hair.
  • Create a simple, short center-part and then start to com hair on the side and after back-comb the rest of the hair at the back crown areas inorder to make it smooth and sleek.
  • Take the hair at the front and sides backwards softly and pin it with pins at the back of your head the leave the rest of your hair to drop below the head gently.
  • Run you finger-tips through your up-style to create that rough texture then apply a light hold spray to keep your hair looking touchable, soft and shiny.

Recommended product:

Hot-set hairspray: this will greatly help to protect hair from any heat as you style it. The product will even hold moisture with your hair while protecting it from humidity.

Cute half up-do braided hairstyles for prom

Cute half up-do braided hairstyles for prom

This lady has a messy classic half up-do that is gently parted from the center and it is also French braided on the sides while the rest of the hair is left to drop below the head in form of waves. This style looks simple but elegant and it’s even so easy to style and to maintain. The dark blonde color coupled with a dark base makes the great hairstyle to look clean, fresh and attractive to almost everyone. However, before you tryout this style, you need to take good care of your hair a few months before so that you can achieve this amazing prom hairstyle.

How to style:

  • Clean hair gently and when it is almost completely dry, separate it evenly into 2 at the top and leave it to drop gently onto the sides and back.
  • Create the French-braids on each side parting while braiding the hair on the side’s upto the back sections. Start braiding from the front while following the hairline but leave some hair unbraided on the sides so that it can gently fall below your head.
  • Try to gently comb the hair at the crown area and after use a large sized-barrel curling iron to create the waves within the hair that falls on the sides.
  • Apply a good workable hairspray over your hair and then try to gently break-up the waves with your fingers inorder to achieve that sassy look.

Recommended product:

Natural hold and misting spray: this hairspray will help to add medium hold and shine within your braided up-style.

cute wavy half updo hairstyles for prom

cute wavy half updo hairstyles for prom

The is a gorgeous half-up style that looks straight and sleek at the crown while the hair becomes wavy as it falls below the head giving this lady a sweet and pretty look. The top is parted from the center and combed sleek, smooth and straight then secured in a ponytail at the back that drops gently below the head. The hair on the sides out from the sleek hair at the crown and gently rolls down into soft waves that fall past the lady’s shoulders. The style also has 2 colors whereby the top section has a deep brown color while the hair on sides has a blonde color hence this color contrast gives this lady a very sexy and attractive look.

Cute half up-do hairstyles for prom with bangs

Cute half updo hairstyles for prom with bangs

This lady has a soft voluminous long layered half-up style with a deep side swept fringe that looks simple and beautiful thus giving this lady a romantic vibe. This style looks healthy and luscious whereby the top section is smooth but also a bit textured and all the hair in that section is gently secured at the back using bobby pins. The hair on the sides runs gently below into soft waves and it after turns into soft curls as it approaches the ends and this actually offer this lady with a touchable and perfect prom look. This half-up style even features a lot of layering and this actually helps to add some volume while keeping your style looking light.

Cute curly half up-do hairstyles for prom

Cute curly half updo hairstyles for prom

You can really rock like a princess with this spiral curled long, layered half-up style. The hairstyle contains curls throughout that are a little loose but mixed up giving this lady a messy look. The simple, spiral and wispy, curled bangs on the sides add alot of dimension to this quick but amazing hairstyle while the added head band takes this style to a whole new level. This curly up-style is just formal enough and will make look perfect on almost every occasion. This style also looks great on both thick and finer hair textures and I even think that it will look great on any face shape.

Half Updo Hairstyles Ideas

Formal wavy bouffant half updo

Formal wavy bouffant half updo

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