5 Cute Short Pageboy Haircuts for Black Women

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During 1950s & 1960s, this Pageboy hairstyles was very popular, It’s quite an old hairstyle which is done by both men and women, but it was believed to be a haircut of a medieval page-boy, however, since then its popularity has never faded

Today you will find lots of African American Women including top celebrities like Rihanna featuring this vintage hairstyle. Short Pageboy haircuts are more like bob haircuts, there is a slight difference between these two but it’s not that big.

A pageboy haircut is characterized by straight hair which hangs below the ear where it turns under, it also features a fringe (bang) which is well trimmed and covers the fore head. If you want to look at pictures of this hairstyle way back in 1950’s try to Google Bettie Page, she was a popular model during that time and this was her favorite hairstyle. However, I have also featured black women of the 21st century wearing this type of bob.

Rihana Pageboy Hairstyles

Rihana Pageboy Hairstyles


To have this type of hairstyle, you have to do some serious cutting and it has to be perfect because any single mistake you make while cutting your hair can become into a disaster or it can yield you with a totally different hairstyle which is not a Pageboy bob hairstyle. I like the way Rihanna styled her Pageboy bob haircut, it’s simple but beautiful. Let’s get down to some basics and see how you can have a similar hairstyle:

  • Start by damping your hair:- By default, this should be the first step you should take as you plan to get this Pageboy haircut. Wetting your hair will make it soft and easy to cut, however, you have to remove water after damping it so that it becomes a little bit dry. You might find it disturbing to deal with very wet hair, so it is better you remove all excessive water using a blower, your hair should remain soft & moist but not dry, so you have to set the blower at a moderate temperature. After doing that, get a wide toothed brush and brush your hair straight to remove tangles that always form when you wash your hair, be gentle when brushing your hair, because using too much force will brake / damage your hair strands and roots which might result into hair loss.
  • Part your hair:- It can be tricky to cut your hair evenly when it’s not parted. So, you have to pin some of your hair up and work on one section at a time. Use clips to hold pinned hair firm and release on section at a time. However, you have to mark the areas to be cut, measure them with a ruler and mark them with white chalk; this will make it easy for you to know which areas to cut.
  • Start cutting:- Use sharp pair of scissors to cut your hair, however, you can start with unpinned, the one which is left hanging down. The best way of cutting your hair is to hold a section to be cut between your two fingers. Let hair to be cut protrude through your fingers, and then start cutting. Go to other sections until the all head is covered. However, when it comes to cutting hair at the back, you might need help, because it a bit tricky to cut hair which is at the back.
  • Cut your bang:- After cutting all sections including the back, now you can concentrate on the bang, cut it in an appropriate manner so that it looks exactly like that of Rihanna featured in the photo above. This type of front bang will make your face look shorter, so its suitable for women with long / oval face shapes, otherwise if you have a round face, this type of bang will make your face look fat.
  • Straighten your hair:- Now you can go ahead and iron your hair straight, it has to be flat just like that of Rihanna. But don’t forget to use a heat protectant when ironing your hair, because heat produced by the flat iron can damage your hair and mess it up badly. You should iron your hair downwards, hold the flat iron firmly, but make sure you pull the iron away from the face, otherwise you will get burnt. If your hair gets dry during the ironing process, sprinkle it with some little water and continue ironing.
  • Conclude your pageboy haircut and spray it with a spritz hair spray so that it stays smooth and moist. This will also give it a shinny glow look. But if you see some uneven areas, remove them with a pair of scissors, this will give you a perfect Pageboy bob haircut.


  • Heat protectant
  • Hair shampoo & conditioner
  • Detangle Brush
  • Serum / Gel
  • Flat Iron
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