5 Fabulous Updo Prom Hairstyles Every Woman Should Try

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When preparing for a formal event, every woman tries as much as she can to be the queen of the party and this because ladies always want to be in the center or capturing everyone’s attention but at times one may make a wrong choice. But to avoid this from happening, you should try to go for any fabulous updo prom hairstyles and trust me; you will really look great and awesome.

On the other hand, in case you don’t have the time to style your hair into a sophisticated hairstyle, you can always go for an up-do because it’s very to create and it will even make people think you spent hours styling it in front of the mirror yet it actually took you little minutes to complete. However, when choosing an up-do style, you should always first take into consideration the face shape because if you wrongly choose an up-style.

This may easily spoil your image in the public, but in case you choose a style that is suitable for your face, then it will help to accentuate your best facial features and even hide your little faults. All in all, try to check out the formal updo prom hairstyles featured below and you will not fail to get one that fits your face shapes and may be your personality.

1. Fabulous updo prom hairstyles

Fabulous updo prom hairstyles


This is a very simple and super adorable up-do style that looks fresh and modern but with a classic touch. Any lady out there would appreciate this flirty, wavy up-style because it really looks simple but elegant.

This up-do also has long side bangs that slightly sleek and soft whereby they are gently pinned to the sides so as to leave most facial features visible.

The hair is abit sleek at the crown but it becomes slightly messy as it flows from the top upto around the cheek-bone area with some wispy hair-strands hanging just a few inches below the head. The rough hair-texture gives this lady a look that is slightly teased and imperfect thus making this hairstyle look unique and up-to-date.

How to style:

  • Begin with well-cleaned hair and then use a medium round brush and blow-drier to completely dry your hair.
  • Create a simple center part and then split your hair to the sides while gently brushing through it to make it look a bit straight at the crown section.
  • Apply a volumizing hairspray to your hair then gently shake it until it dries up, then use a large curling wand to create the waves within the hair at the lower section.
  • Use your brush to create the side bangs and after try to use fingers to comb through your hair and then secure some of the hair at the back into ponytail or bun.
  • Use some bobby pins to secure hair at the back then finish with applying a light hairspray inorder to add some ultimate shine and texture to hair

Recommended product:

Light-weight hair pomade: this will help to add some texture and shine to hair without making it look or feel heavy and stick.

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