5 Fabulous Updo Prom Hairstyles Every Woman Should Try

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2. Fabulous curly updo prom hairstyles

Fabulous curly up-do prom hairstyles

Curly up-styles like the one featured above can really look good on most women and this is because they tend to and volume and a playful effect within hair. This style is full of loose curls that really look romantic coupled with spiraled side bangs that fall gently below her head thus creating an amazing and sexy look.

The volume of hair is alot at the crown but it actually goes on decreasing as hair gently flows on to sides hence creating a cascading effect. This up-style can be worn when going for a formal event and you can also wear it casually because it really looks great.

How to style:

  • Prep all your hair with a styling product immediately after washing and drying it out when it still feels moist.
  • Use rollers to or a small curling iron to set curls allover your hair then let these curls fall down freely.
  • Grab the curled hair at the crown section and loosely secure it at the back using bobby pins inorder to prevent hair from falling below the head.
  • Leave some curled hair at the front top to gently fall below the head inorder to create those lovely curled bangs then finish with a firm holding hairspray.

Recommended product:

Hair volumizing mousse: this is a great product for such a hairstyle because it helps to add some volume and hold to hair.

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