5 Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

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Short hairstyles have become common amongst black women recently and this is because these haircuts look simple and flirty on these black ladies. Additionally, short haircuts can really look amazing on both fine and thick hair textures whereby they create a playful and stunning look.

Most black women prefer having their hair styled short these days because there are several unique, haircut styles that have been introduced whereby everyone can have a unique short haircut of her choice.

In conclusion, in case you want to try out a short haircut and you actually not sure of what style works best on your hair-type and face shape, then below is a list of some funky short haircuts for black women that you can select from in order to achieve that unique and amazing haircut or style that you have been searching for.

Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

Rihanna features a mysterious, funky and short pixie haircut that varies in length creating a cascading effect throughout. This haircut is extremely short at the top and sides while the fringe is extra-long and could actually be styled in different ways.

However, to get best looks from such a haircut, try as much as you can to keep it looking fashionably-messy because this helps to bring out that wild and sexy look that any lady would like to have.

When it comes to color, this haircut has a black color tone throughout with a shimmering finish thus offering Rihanna with a complete feminine and sexy appearance.

How to style:

  • Gently clean all hair with a nice volume-enhancing shampoo and after dry it up using a medium-sized, synthetic-fiber towel.
  • Grab a medium-sized paddle brush and start to straighten your hair while wrapping some hair at the front within this brush to form that amazing fringe. Continue styling hair in different directions as you blow-dry in order to add movement to your haircut.
  • Apply a small-portion of your best styling-wax within the hair from the roots to the tips and then create a visible parting to one side of your head.
  • Touch-up your fringe using a small brush to make it look smooth and sleek then apply a firm-holding spray.

Recommended product:

Hairspray wax: this hair product will ensure that hair volume and texture are evenly distributed even after styling it. Additionally, this hair wax will ensure optimum hold to your haircut offer your hair with an even and controlled distribution while adding texture to it.

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