5 Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

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Easy Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

Easy Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

This black lady seen in the picture features an extremely short, funky and cropped haircut that is perfectly textured with soft waves throughout giving her a breezy and care-free look. Her hair also has a fine-texture that is enhanced with the natural, gentle waves which flow smoothly and gently over the head generating a gorgeous cascading effect.

On the other side, this funky haircut matches perfectly with her round face shape but I think it will also look great on any other face shape hence you can also try it out.

How to style:

  • First clean hair gently with warm-water and a shampoo then immediately apply a volume enhancing mousse or foam through it when it still feels moist for best results.
  • Style the hair around the ears using your fingertips but make sure that you style it away or backwards from the forehead as you blow-dry it. In fact, the more you will tease hair, the greater movement and volume it will achieve.
  • Try to use a smaller sized brush to lift and style hair at the crown section to the sides or backwards but try to be gentle so that you don’t lose the waves within your hair.
  • Complete styling with a shine and hold enhancing spray by simply misting it throughout the hair for extra volume, texture and hold.

Recommended product:

A blow-dry crème: the cream will help to shield your hair from any excess heat generated by blow-dryers as you dry hair after washing it.

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