5 Great Short Pixie Haircuts To Make You Look Younger

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Cutting your hair to a short length is something that should only be done after putting into consideration several options. Moreover, you need to think of how short hair will look on you after styling it and whether it will be hard to maintain.

The truth is that your hair is one of the most important features which can help you show-off your beauty as long as it’s styled in the right way. The pixie haircut is one of the best styles that will offer you with a look that is easy and fabulous at the same time.

There are even different styles with the pixie family that you can choose from but actually this depends on what you prefer. However, the pixie style seems to be like an easy, wash-and-go cut but it will not suit everyone.

In conclusion, i think there are a lot of things to keep in mind before making such a drastic change. Here are some of the best looking short pixie haircuts for women that you can tryout this year and i know that you will not fail to pick at least one style that works for you.

Great short pixie haircuts

short pixie haircuts

The lady seen above has a boyish pixie haircut with wispy front bangs that fall over her face and are also slightly swept to one side. This style puts focus on the nice features of your face because it leaves all of them exposed thus attracting the looks of other people.

Her hair also looks smooth but slightly messy with a wispy crown and hair-ends hence creating a playful and glamorous effect. The style also seems to have much hair at the crown while the sides have less hair and looks a bit straight and smooth.

If you are lady who wants to look different from others, then you should definitely get your hair cut exactly like the picture above.


How to style:

  • Begin by moving to the shower and then thoroughly clean hair using a conditioner and shampoo. Rinse out the product and gently dry hair with a fiber-towel.
  • Blow all the hair dry but in the direction you want it to lay. Push some hair forward towards the face in order to form that wispy fringe then blow dry the hair at the crown and back in order to achieve a voluminous effect.
  • Grab a favorite pomade or hair-wax and then work it through your hair using fingers in order to break up the layers and to add some texture to your style.

Recommended product:

A hair grooming serum: this is an important product that will help to keep your hair looking sleek, soft and well-textured. The serum gives best results if applied to moist hair and also just a small amount of it will be enough.

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