5 Great Short Pixie Haircuts To Make You Look Younger

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Great short pixie wavy haircuts

Great pixie short wavy haircuts

This pixie cut is slightly longer at the crown while sleek and smooth on the sides a sassy texture at the upper sections. The blonde hair color within this style makes it looks very attractive and sexy. In case you do not wish to have extremely short hair, then you may go for this slightly longer type of pixie cut because it will even allow you curls you hair a bit or even style the bangs the way you want.

The style will also look good on women with fine hair textures because its sassy look tends to add some volume to hair.

How to style:

  • Wash hair thoroughly and then remove any moisture from it by blow-drying it but this is actually done after leaving the shower.
  • Work a strong hold gel or hair-wax over the crown section in order to spike it up then gently apply a product from the roots to the ends in order to get long lasting hold.
  • Use the hair wax to push the hair on the sides and back downwards or flat against the head while leaving the ears visible.
  • Complete your style by using a strong hold hairspray so as to lock your look in place and apply some amazing shine to hair.

Recommended product:

A texturizing hair-mousse: this is a very nice hair-product that will help to add some reasonable texture within your haircut. This product will also help to hold your hair but it advisable to apply just dab of it inorder to achieve best results.

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