5 Latest Stunning Black Short Haircuts For Women

Short haircuts for women are becoming popular these days whereby everyone starting from celebrities to women on the street is going for these cuts and actually these styles look lovely and amazing. Black short haircuts are perfect for any lady especially in the warm months and in fact there are several ways of wearing or styling your short.

Today, you can clearly see that hundreds of women are cutting off all their hair to minimize their time and money whereby these haircuts are very easy to style, convenient and easy to maintain.  Below are some of latest black short haircuts for black women and you should try out at least one of these styles and for sure you might be amazed at how well these styles work for you.


Latest black short haircuts for women

black short haircuts for women


The lady seen above features one of the latest black short haircuts that leaves all facial features visible like the ears and the rest of the features. This haircut has an asymmetrical shape whereby one side looks a bit longer than the other but this actually makes this lady to look more stylish and trendy.

The hair at the top is lightly textured while the one on the sides is strongly defined and combed backwards with a clear cutting line that leaves the ears exposed. The simple side fringe on this haircut is well styled and controlled whereby it falls slightly over the forehead thus giving this lady a cool and sexy touch.

How to style:

  • Clean your hair with any shampoo and conditioner of your choice and after gently dry your hair with a clean synthetic-fiber towel.
  • Blow dry all the hair and then grab a small flat-iron and us it to straighten the hair at the crown while flipping the ends slightly under. Use the same tool to style the bangs while sweeping your hair to a preferred side.
  • Comb the hair on the side backwards in order to make it super sleek while leaving the hair at the back to hang freely over the neck area.
  • Get a favorite shine enhancing serum and apply it throughout your hair while passing you fingers through the hair at the crown to achieve that lightly messy texture as you do your finishing touches.

Recommended product:

A flexible hairspray: this product will give your hair long lasting hold and shine but it’s always advised to use it in reasonable amounts for best results.

Latest sassy black short haircuts for women



This trendy black short haircut looks calm yet strong and untamed with a sassy touch throughout. The haircut also contains extremely short, wispy bangs that look neat and gently swept to the sides. The haircut is longer and wildly styled at the top section while the sides are sleek and styled downwards but leaving her ears exposed.

The dark black color within the hair adds a rebellious touch to this haircut while the sassy texture makes this lady to look more playful and amazing. In conclusion, i think this haircut will look perfect on ladies with square or round face shapes and it will even make any lady to look strong and much younger.

How to style:

  • Gently scrunch your hair with a quality conditioning shampoo and then rinse it out with Luke-warm water.
  • Let your hair air-dry or you may even blow-dry it with a styling brush to make the drying process much quicker.
  • After, apply a small amount of any styling cream to your hair then lightly scrunch the product through hair in order to make sure that it is dispersed well.
  • Complete your style by applying a texture enhancing gel or spray all over the hair in order to achieve that sassy look.

Recommended product:

A hair-spray wax: this product helps to hold your haircut while adding ultimate shine and texture to it. This product should however, be applied lightly over your hair after styling it.

Latest black short haircuts for women with bang

black short haircuts for women with bang

This amazing haircut is skillfully styled with both long and short layers within that give this lady great look. This style has a longer top section with hair flowing from the top upto around the cheekbone with wispy hair-ends. In fact, the sides of this haircut are straight while the side swept fringe is slightly jagged giving this lady a soft touch.

However, this haircut has different lengths and variations of texture and in different sections and this can be clearly seen at the hair-ends. The hair is a bit longer at the back but it still stops around the nape section and if you take a close look you will notice that all her hair is toned with a deep black color that greatly enhances the haircut without taking away any attention from it.

Latest black short Straight haircuts for women

black short Straight haircuts for women

The bob haircut has been in existence for quite a long time and it will never go out of style because it is always looking trendy and stylish. This beautiful lady with an oval shaped face features a glamorous bob cut that hangs slightly below her cheek bone with wispy ends that are even gently flipped inwards.

The haircut is deeply parted to one side whereby one side has more hair than the other side giving this lady an amazing look. The hair is also lightly textured throughout so as to add some amazing touch to the hairstyle.

This haircut frames out the face well by engulfing it hence this makes it a style for any face shape and the deep black hair color adds ultimate shine to the entire haircut.


Latest black short haircuts for women with thick hair

black short haircuts for women with thick hair

This pretty woman has an unstructured, sassy short haircut that looks very trendy and attractive with bluntly cut hair-ends. This haircut creates rounded volume all over this lady’s oval face shape while caressing her cheeks.

The haircut contains mostly longer layers which lay on the side part while the crown section features some wispy short cuts layers that add a playful effect to her looks. This lady also has very thick hair and this is actually enhanced by the sassy texture throughout coupled with a stylish side swept bang that diffuses into the rest of the hair on the sides making the lady to look really beautiful.


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