5 Perfect Braided Bun Hairstyles For Prom

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Braids are all most everywhere these days and this is mainly because they offer one with several styling options. In fact, these braided bun hairstyles can be very easy to style and maintain compared to regular straight or curly hairstyles. These braids can actually look great if created in form of an up-style because this will help to accent a fun, casual look.

There are many braiding methods which include a three-strand, French or herringbone braid and other forms of braids but it’s always great to test a whole new look by combining a few braid styles so that you can get a totally unique result. On the other hand, braided hairstyles are also a great way of controlling your long hair and you can even make it look short with these braids hence giving you a fresh, new look.

With braiding, you just have to practice a few styles and even try not to stress yourself about making the braid look too neat. in fact, a soft, messy braided up-style looks chic and perfect for any occasion and that’s why i have provide you with one of the best Braided bun Hairstyles for prom below and you will probably pick one that works best on your face shape or that fits your status.


Perfect braided bun hairstyles for prom

Perfect braided bun hairstyles for prom

This lady really has a charming, braided up-style that will make any lady look elegant, sexy and perfect for that important ceremony. This braided up-style also offers a classic look whereby the hair at the front is gently parted while the hair at the crown is twisted into braids that rotate around the head creating a big braided bun at the back section.

In fact, this style gives this lady a clean and sharp look yet making her feel feminine and soft at the same time. the well-defined black hair color with some brown streaks throughout the style gives this lady’s hair extra-definition and beauty hence making her stand out from the crowd.

How to style:

  • Start by prepping your clean and dry hair with a light-hold workable hairspray. This spray must only be applied to clean, dry hair in order to prevent any product build-up.
  • Gently brush all hair with a paddle brush then try to back comb hair at the crown. Create a soft parting around the front section of the crown because this will help in the formation of the fringe.
  • Gather the rest of your hair and begin to create your French braid while working from side to side until you reach the back then secure the remaining hair into a bun by twisting this braid around it.
  • Finish by using a medium-hold hairspray so as to add some texture, hold and shine to your up-style before you rock the streets or any function.

Recommended product:

Fast-drying and shaping spray: this hairspray offers great hold to your braided hair together with a touchable hair texture.

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