5 Perfect Braided Bun Hairstyles For Prom

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Blonde braided bun hairstyles for prom

Blonde braided bun hairstyles for prom

This untamed and sensuous blonde, braided up-style turns this pretty lady into a fairy princess whereby it looks complicated but very attractive for someone to look at. This style contains a French braid that is carefully woven tight to the scalp just above this lady’s forehead

Even along the sides while moving towards the back where it turns into a loosely,crunchy hair-bun with some strands pulled out slightly but well-styled. All the hair at the top and on the sides is gently integrated into this French braid thus keeping the entire head looking neat though a bit messy and this actually offer this lady with a charming look that every woman wishes to get.

How to style:

  • First wash and dry hair, then keep it in place by creating a deep side part. Use a bristle brush to smooth out your hair and this will even reduce on the chances of gettingflyways or even becoming frizzy.
  • Apply a dab of any quality hair-pomade to your fingers and then immerse it over your hair inorder to make it feel smooth then start French braiding the hair on the deep side part.
  • After, pull the remaining hair into a low side pony-tail while wrapping it around its base inorder to create a bun.
  • Secure the bun with bobby pins then hold your up-style inplace by lightly misting over it with a light-hold hairspray. Try to apply slightly more of this spray to the braid so that it does not unravel afterwards.

Recommended product:

Hair treatment-oil: this is applied to hair before its braids because it helps to smoothen and to offer long-lasting shine while protecting your hair from any external heat.

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