5 Short Punk Haircuts for African American Women

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Today, most African American Women are opting for short haircuts and this mainly because they are very versatile and even make someone feel very comfortable and confident. In fact, these haircuts are very interesting in such a way that they help to show-off all facial features which is not possible with longer hairstyles. Additionally, short hairstyles have even become trendier whereby there are several ways or styles that have been invented to make these haircuts look amazing and awesome.

However, your face shape actually matters a lot when it comes to choosing a haircut to wear and this implies that you should make some research or first inquire from an expert hair-stylist in order to achieve the best looks.

In conclusion, I have presented to you the 5 best Short Punk Haircuts that you can try out as an African lady and it would be nice for you to take look at each of these styles in order to spot out a style that works best for you.

Short Punk Haircuts for African American Women

Short Punk Haircuts for African American Women

The black lady seen in the picture above displays a jagged and intermingled punk-haircut that has vertical spikes at the crown-section that are slightly slanted forward creating a magnificent and beautiful look. The sides on this haircut are gently cut short and left to freely fall-over whereby the same thing is also done at the back section.

This wild and layered haircut gives this lady with great texture and volume hence it can be a perfect style for women with fine to medium hair-textures. All in all, this style will give any lady an admirable attitude while out there and this because looks stunning and trendy.


How to style:

  • Fill your moist hair with a styling and texture enhancing product but ensure that this is done after thoroughly washing it in order to get rid of any dirt.
  • Begin to gently pull the hair at the crown upwards using finger-tips while blow-drying it at the same time in order to build extra volume up there.
  • Afterwards, gently comb the hair on the sides and back section in a downward motion using a hair-brush and then grab a flat-iron in order to do some detailing on the hair at the crown but remember to flip the hair-ends slightly out-wards.
  • Complete by setting the haircut with a good hairspray. But try to lightly mist this product over your hair so that you don’t weigh it down.

Recommended product:

 A Volume-Enhancing Shampoo: there are different types of shampoos on the market but to achieve this particular haircut, you will need to get volume-enhancing shampoo because it will help to add volume and texture to your fine or thin short-hair.

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