5 Short Punk Haircuts for African American Women

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Short Punk Haircuts with color for African American Women

Short Punk Haircuts with color for African American Women

The short punk haircut featured in the image above has well-contrasted colors coupled with random cuts especially around the crown section hence creating something wild but beautiful look. This style is actually super short on the sides and back.

While the crown area has some amazing volume with longer spikes that are slightly cropped forward. In terms of color, the hair on the lower-sections is dark-brown while the hair at the crown is blonde and this color contrasting actually makes the haircut of interest and perfect for ladies who really want to look trendy and wild.

However, this haircut will work best on thick hair-textures but you can still try it out on your fine hair to see how it will look on you.

How to style:

  • Start by gently trimming you hair short but at different lengths if you can but in case you can’t do it yourself then let a professional hairstylist do this for you.
  • Thoroughly wash and immediately dry hair using a synthetic-fiber towel but remember to leave it a little bit moist because this makes it very easy to style.
  • Part the hair into 3-sections and let each section fall freely below the head, begin styling the sides and back section then work upon the crown section. Afterwards, create a fringe by simply pushing some of the hair at the top forward.
  • Lastly, apply some hair-shining serum throughout the haircut in order to achieve a vibrant and shiny look. This serum will also make hair feel soft and well-textured.

Recommended product:

A Shining-Hairspray: This hairspray will provide hair with flexible hold and enhanced shine thus leaving hair touchable with natural movement. There are various brands shining hairsprays and it’s upon you to purchase a hairspray that works best on your hair.

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