5 Smooth Curly Short Hair Cuts For Women

Ladies who wish to make good use of their curly hair should actually try out short curly haircuts because they look sexy and trendy. Create an awesome curly hairstyle out of your natural curly hair. So don’t get tired of your natural curly hair because you can actually create an awesome and outstanding haircut out of it.On the other hand, there are many famous women with curly haircuts and even these curly styles have been in existence or famous for centuries hence this clearly points out that the ideal, beautiful hair for ladies is not only the silky, smooth-flowing straight hair but also the sweet-flowing, undulating curly hair.

In this post, i have showcased some of the best modern and contemporary short curly hairstyles that yon may mimic and copy or even get some ideas from them on how to style your hair. The fact is that you just need some good ideas and examples on how to style your curly hair and if these ideas are readily provided to you, then you are capable of styling your curly hair into the most attractive and appealing haircut of all time.

However, you should always remember that an ideal haircut for any lady is a free-flowing and undulating curly haircut. Try to browse through this article and may be you will able to find out the best curly haircut for your mood and personality.


Smooth curly short haircuts for women

Smooth curly short haircuts for women

The woman seen above features a very soft short hairstyles for curly hair that really makes her look more feminine and sexy. The style contains soft, romantic and gorgeous curls throughout and if looked at closely, you can notice that her hair is deeply parted to one side. The haircut also features sexy side swept fringe that diffuses into the beautiful curls as flows onto the other side while perfectly framing out her round face. The hair also has a rich blonde color with some brown highlights and this actually enhances the hair texture and even makes her hairstyle look more attractive.

How to style:

  • Start by cleaning all your hair using a favorite conditioner and shampoo, and then rinse it out with clean water as scrunch you fingers through.
  • Give hair some time to air dry or try to use a blow dryer witha diffuser attachment to gently and quickly dry your hair.
  • Begin wrapping your well section hair into a curling iron until the entire head turns into spiral curls, and then run fingertips through to disconnect these curls and to add volume to your hair.
  • Do the final touches by gently applying a shine enhancing spray allover your style for added shine and flexibility of the curls.

Recommended product:

Anti-frizz restyling spray: this is an amazing shine enhancing hair product that also plays a big role when it comes blocking humidity when working under harsh weather conditions. This spray will refresh your hair and even keep it feeling flexible for the whole day.

Smooth short curly hair cuts for women with thick hair

smooth curly short hair cuts for women with thick hair

This white lady features a super short, naturally curly haircut with a deep side part and a simple side fringe. In fact this is smartly layered hairstyle with huge gradual waves throughout that lay on each other and also the hair does not drop past her head. The side part greatly helps in changing the overall shape of the hairstyle thus giving this lady a different, cute vibe. On the other hand, the blonde hair color coupled with a dark base actually looks natural and this gives the entire haircut a classy and effortless look.

How to style:

  • Rush to the bathroom and begin washing hair with a shampoo that works well on natural hair. You may even have to condition your during the cleaning process in order to make it feel soft and fresh.
  • Gently apply a gel to your damp, towel-dried hair and then begin to sculpt it into position. Try to use a large curling wand to bend the hair in order to get that curly effect.
  • Spray your finished style with a medium hold hairspray so that hair can be locked into place for the whole day and this spray even adds some reasonable shine to your haircut thus giving you a complete look.

Recommended product:

Clear hair-paste: this product gives optimum control and texture to your short curly haircut while adding extra shine and flexible hold for the whole day.

smooth curly short haircuts for women with color

smooth curly short hair cuts for women with color

Adding color to hair is becoming a trend among ladies today, but before you apply color to your hair, you must know whether it matches with your skin tone inorder to achieve a perfect hairstyle. As you can see, this lady has a colorful, side-parted, beachy curled haircut that contains disconnected layers throughout. This short sassy haircut is full of playful beachy curls in the lower sections yet the upper section and fringe are styled smoothly and sleek with a glamorous blue color. The hair also has a dark tone at the base which turns into a blue color as hair flows over and below the head while the tips turn to dark black color hence creating a playful, cascading effect with the entire hairstyle.

Smooth curly short hairstyles for women with bang

Smooth curly short hair cuts for women with bang

This is a fashionable, short layered curly haircut that makes this lady to look cute, classic and elegant for any occasion. the hair looks amazing because it has voluminous curls in the lower sections coupled with a dramatic side fringe that looks a bit disconnected but very attractive and beautiful to look at. the style is even deeply parted to one side but the hair at the crown section looks wavy and turns into curls as it flows below the head. When it comes to the hair color, this light brown color really looks amazing and cool whereby it gives this haircut a fresh and new look.

Smooth curly short cuts hair for women with blonde hair

Smooth curly short haircuts for women with blonde hair

The lady in the image above shows off a classic short haircut with soft, big curls that flow generously below her square shaped face. The style even features a heavy side swept bang that is slightly curled and the hair also contains short layers at the front while the hair at the back contains longer layers but bluntly cut wispy ends. The golden blonde color within the haircut helps to define and to add some dimension to this pretty wavy haircut while the classic, dramatic fringe adds a little mystery to this sexy haircut. in my own view, i think this style will work for a lady who wants to look simple, beautiful but elegant when going for that special occasion.

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