5 Timeless Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Women

A Mohawk hairstyle is a real amazing casual hairstyle; it is very common among young girls who love punk styles. However, I have also seen top celebrities like Rihanna pulling off this trend in an amazing way. Mohawks can be done in so many ways; for example, you can do a braided Mohawk hairstyle, a natural Mohawk, a relaxed Mohawk, a bleached / colored Mohawk and so much more.

The only trick behind this hairstyle is to brush most of your hair upwards and leave the rest of the hair short and well brushed downwards. In this post I have featured 5 best Mohawk hairstyles for black women, you can use any of these examples to create your own unique hairstyles, not necessarily that you to do exactly what these ladies did, try be creative and pimp your Mohawk in a new way, because when it comes to style, creativity breads the best results.

Short Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

I like the way Alicia Keys pulled off this hairstyle, she related her top hair and left hair on the sides natural and super short. Her Mohawk is somehow organized compared to those done by young girls. I think even ladies above 30yrs can try out this Mohawk hairstyle. However, the only way you can keep it in that shape is by trimming hair on the sides at least once / twice in a week basing on how fast your hair grows and at the same time keep the top section moist and thick by spraying it and applying styling gel once in a while to keep the curls live.

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