8 Best Kaley Cuoco Short Hair Ideas

Kaley Christine Cuoco-Sweeting or who is familiarly called Kaley Cuoco just made a new breakthrough in his life is doing short hair pixie cut. Pixie cut itself is a short haircut of women, where on the back and left and right side is made short. While at the top is made longer.

The actress who jumped thanks to her role in The Big Bang Theory series decided to cut her hair at the end of May. The Haircut which she called as ‘Inner Pan’ makes her look more different and fresh. In his interview with People, Kaley said that he took part in giving a touch of her hairstyle. It gives a long side to the bangs.

Over the past few years, the public knows this American actress has long, blonde, and curly hair. Quoted from usmagazine.com, Kaley said his happiness over her new hair “There are no words that can describe the happiness that I’m experiencing right now. I feel very comfortable with myself like this, “she said.

Kaley also showcased her new hair through her instagram account, which gained positive response from her fans. Not only Kaley Cuaco, some celebrities began to taste Pixie Cut such as Emma Watson, Rihanna, Mia Wasikowska, Miley Cyrus, and many more. Below is some picture of kaley cuoco short hair

8 Best Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

1. Smooth and Sleek Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Smooth and Sleek Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

At the Kids Choice Awards, Kaley has a surprising hairstyle after changing her hairstyle into a very smooth and sleek hairstyle. You can also do this by combing the hair while it is moist to the side in parting. Then, comb the hair down to find the straight poker look. Finish with hair oil like argan or jojoba oil to look wet. Lower with palms to adjust hair and tighten with strong hairspray.

2. Kaley Cuoco Short Layers Hair

Kaley Cuoco Short Layers Hair

If you plan on turning a pixie haircut into a bob hairstyle, you need to refer to Kaley’s tip, adding a layer inside. Ask your hair stylist to add several layers so you will find it easier to style your hair. In addition, you can also add more volume with layers and without some required products.

3. Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

If you remember Big Bang Theory movie, you also have to remember Kaley Cuoco. The actress changed her hairstyle regularly. He presents that there are some things to do with pixie haircuts. One of them by taking short and choppy style. It’s perfect because it can add some edge touch.

4. Kaley Cuoco Undercut Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco Undercut Short Hair

To make a bold statement, you can have an undercut. You can also soften it as Kaley points out at the SAG award. To make it look softer, insert the key again to one side of the edge. To smooth hair, use straightener.

5. Kaley Cuoco Pulled Up Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco Pulled Up Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco shows that he always looks chic with or without bangs. If you have short bangs, you should lower it. However, if you have more bangs, you can pull it up. You can sweep the tip of your hair back. Backcomb at the root and create a very good volume. Note also the side of it. You have to keep doing it smoothly. Secure hairstyles with hairspray.

6. Fuss Free

Fuss Free

The actress once had her hair in style free when choosing her for an Emmy. It looks easy, natural and a bit messy so it makes it look more sexy. For this style of Celebrity Hair Style, you just have to brush your hair. Get rid of flyaways. Add a candle texture on your finger and run them through the tresses.

7. Glamorous Side Swept Hair

Glamorous Side Swept Hair

Planning to have a glamorous hairstyle, you can refer to this Kaley style. Fortunately, this hairstyle is very easy to do at home. First, wet your hair. Wipe your wet hair and create a dramatic side separation. You can create a stunning outline with your long lock. Just take them forward. Take your hair dryer and your small round brush. While drying hair, keep brushing hair. This will make your keys look smoother. For finishing, you should not direct the hairspray, but spritz hairspray on your finger. Smooth down for a slim look. Once you find the best view, tighten it with a powerful hairspray.

8. Slicked Back Short Hair

Slicked Back Short Hair

Another interesting short hair style on display by Kaley Cuoco is his short hair combed back. Easily made but presents something elegant. If you do not have much time to set your hair, this hairstyle is perfect for your solution because it only takes a few minutes to create it. First, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Like you, her hair, use a round brush to make the volume. The blow dries hair to look smooth.

Kaley Cuoco short hair

Kaley Cuoco short haircut




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