8 Best Kim Kardashian Hairstyles Ideas

If you’re reading this post, It means you know some great history about Kim kardashian, so, I will not waste your time talking about who she’s, but let’s get down to business and see how you can look like kim kardashian hair. She’s a mother now, but she still rocks and keeps that fancy look. In her line of trend, looking glamorous is a ticket to success and many ladies adore her fancy long hairstyles. In this post I have featured some of the best Kim kardashian hairstyles of all time, but I will not be surprised when I see her with the same trends in 2018.


Cute Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles

kim kardashian updo hairstyles

Sometimes thick hair can be frustrating, it falls over your shoulders and when it gets hot, you might not enjoy the experience. If you want to get some freedom from that long volumized hair, you can wrap it up and create an updo hairstyle just like Kim did in the picture above, however, let’s go through some steps and see how you can have a cute updo hairstyle.

  • Damp or wash your hair: This is a basic step that every woman should master; you should shampoo / condition your hair before styling. This will make it very soft and easy to work with. After that, dry it with a thick towel or a blower, to remove excessive water from your hair.
  • Grab and pull your hair upwards and create one big bun just like the one kim has in the photo above. You have to use an elastic band to hold your hair together and then use hair pins to hold the bun.
  • Spray your hair so that it stays moist and smooth all day long.


  • Conair Ultimate Updo Clip – This will hold your updo in one position.
  • Magic Hair Bun Sponge – After pulling your hair upwards, you need to hold it using this hair bun sponge.
  • Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Hair Spray: – It will keep your hair shimmy and moist, yet at the same time hold it in one position.

Kim kardashian thick hairstyles

Kim kardashian thick hairstyles

Thick hair is very easy to style; you don’t have to worry about which hairstyle to have when you have this nature of hair, because any simple twist will look good on you. Changing the color of your hair can give you a new look, so you might consider doing so, but make sure you opt for a color which looks good on you. For example, Kim features a black and brown hair color. She has a light skin which matches very well with ombre color. For ladies with black skins, you might consider black & gold, the black will blend with your skin and the gold will make you look brighter.

Kim kardashian wavy hairstyles

Kim kardashian wavy hairstyles

In this photo, Kim pulled of a thick wavy hairstyle, I love the way she toned her hair, it looks pretty nice on her. To have this type of hairstyle, you need to have thick hair, because fine hair does not make such thick waves. So you can start by growing your hair thick or condition it with an organic hair conditioner and rinse it with cold water. This will hold moisture in your hair and hence give it a thick volume. You can make those thick waves in a natural way without using any styling tool.

For example, make big buns in your hair and let them stay in your hair the all night, spray them water over them so that they remain moist, but wear a head cover before going to bed, this will ensure that no moisture is lost while in sleep. Remove the cover in the morning and undo the buns, you will notice messy waves on your head. Brush trough the hair with a detangling brush to remove tangles and at the same time style those waves. After brushing through that new wavy hairstyle, you need to spray it so that the waves become smooth and shiny just like those for Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian flawless Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian flawless Hairstyles

Sometimes, all you need is a simple pony tail hair style. In my past post for Jessica Simpson, we saw a picture of her with this type of hairstyle…It seems Kim loves simple hairstyles, because a pony hairstyle is one of those popular traditional trends which feature in every year. This traditional hairstyle looks good on every face-shape, but if you have a fat face and you want to hide it, please, run away from pony tails, because they require pulling away of hair to the back and leave the fore head and the rest of the face well exposed. Before pulling your hair to the back, you need to brush it straight, trim off any split ends, and then spray the hair to give it a shiny / smooth look.

Kim Kardashian short Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian short Hairstyle

Have you ever seen Marilyn Monroe hairstyles, if yes, then Kim just copied one Marilyn Monroe’s popular hairstyle. This short wavy hairstyle became a trade mark for Monroe. May be she was an Icon for Kim, because when I look at the picture featured above, I see Marilyn Monroe back in 2015. This type of medium length wavy hairstyle should be done by a professional hairstylist, because it seems to be complicated.

Kim kardashian ombre hairstyles

Kim kardashian ombre hairstyles

Kim looks good with long hair, but at the same time she proved another point that if you cut off her to a moderate length, she will still rock the fashion street and pull off some great traffic. This type of hair is not hard to have, but you need to apply an ombre color dye to have such looks.  I will categorize it as a messy hairstyle, good for weekends.

Kim Kardashian Straight Hairstyles

kim kardashian straight hairstyles

Anyone with hair can have a straight hairstyle, but the only difference will be in the length of the hair. With that in mind, you have to grow that short hair long and treat it with a brown – black hair color dye. You can use a brush to have this type of hairstyle, or use a flat iron to speed up the all styling process. But use a heat protection spray to safe guard your cute hair from excessive heat produced by the flat iron.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Hairstyles

kim kardashian wedding hairstyles

Many ladies want to look unique on their wedding day, however, the simplicity of your wedding hairstyle will make you look natural and adorable.  You can Imagine, Kim Kardashian has very long hair, but during a wedding ceremony, a lot will be going on, so the best way of getting freedom I to create a back updo hairstyle like the one Kim featured in the photo above.


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