5 Best African American Short Hairstyles And How to Style

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Today many African American women are choosing to have shorter hairstyles, as opposed to longer hairstyles. In the past,it was believed that short hairstyles offered us much freedom, however that has changed. Short hairstyles offer a unique look, versatility, as well as easy styling. You will look chic, without having to do much effort.  Here is a list of 5 african american short hairstyles to inspire your new look and how to style if you haven’t found one, or need a different one.


Undercut for Natural Hair:  African American Short Hairstyles. Undercuts isn’t only a hairstyle for men, it is worn by women too. As seen in the picture below, the lady is showing her edgy undercut. For this hairstyle, the back of her hair, right above her neck is cut very low. Then, a design is carved into that area to enhance the edginess of the look. Next, she coloured the top layer to burgundy to add flair to her texture at the crown of her head.

Undercut for Natural Hair

How to style:
1. Cleanse your hair properly with a shampoo, then moisturise with a conditioner.
2. Separate your hair into halves. The bottom half and the sides you will trim very low. You want enough hair there to carve into a design. If you already have a tapered cut or a fro-hawk then this will be easier since your hair is already short.
4. Carve the back portion and the sides into an asymmetrical design of choice.
5.Spritz the top layer of your hair with water so that your hair curls up. Then apply your styling mousse or gel to enhance your curls. And, finish it by applying some edge control to lay down your edges.
6. You can add colour if you desire by dying your hair or applying hair chalk to the curls, once the gel has dried.

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