Best Asian Hairstyles For Men – Look Like An Asian Man

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The fashion world has outgrown those days of assimilating other ethnic groups. Today we embrace the best no matter where it comes from. I did a simple research online and I discovered that lots of American men are interested in Asian hairstyle, being an African American

I was forced to see what really these guys look like, something has to be unique to catch our attention. Trust me, what I found is epic and interesting, you will not believe that Asian Men have the best hairstyles and they actually look better than most men.

Asian hair is naturally thick  and descent, that being said, you have to work on the volume of your hair before trying out any Asian hairstyles for men, may the be other thing you have to consider is moisturizing your hair  on a daily basis, because thick hair looks better when its moist. With that said, let’s go on and see some of the best asian hairstyles for men.

Asian Textured short hair

Asian Textured short hair


Having a short haircut might excite you for a week but after that you will feel bored, it will look to plain and normal, so you have to give it a unique treatment. In that case, you can opt for a textured short haircut just like the one I have featured in the picture above.

It looks more sporty and casual, you don’t have to worry about its neatness, because it looks a little bit messy and it brings the real man in you.  When you find a man with type of hairstyle, the first thing to strike your imagination is that ”This Man Has a Reputation to Keep”, it not just casual, it’s a professional Asian hairstyle too.


  • Wash your hair: – Before getting this particular Asian haircut, you need to damp your hair with shampoo for men; this will clean your hair and at the same time make it soft. It’s quite difficult to style dry hair, so don’t take this as a formality, it’s a basic.
  • Dry your hair:- It is very rare to find a man using a blower to dry hair, simply because short hair does not do well with heat and on the other hand blowers are for females. You can dry your hair with a thick towel. Wrap it on your head so that it absorbs the water, you can rub the towel gently with your hair to speed up the drying process.
  • Cut your hair:- Now this might be a tricky part for you, because you have to use scissors to trim and cut your hair. If you look at the Asian guy featured in the picture above, you will notice that hair at the top is more than that on the sides, now, to balance this nature of haircut, you have to go to a saloon or ask a friend who has experience with cutting hair to help you out. It is better you show them the picture of this guy, because all you need is to look like him, so, I don’t expect you to use another example, unless when you want a change.
  • Apply a styling gel / cream for men’s hair, this will make your hair soft and thick. But remember to put moderate amounts of styling product to your hair, other wise, it will weight it down and make it flat.
  • Add some texture to your hair using your figures, this seems pretty simple, all you need is to work with one section, and that is the top section. Try to make it a bit messy but organized at the same time, but brush hair on the sides straight.
  • Spray your hair and get ready to rock, the main purpose of using a hair spray is to give your hair a smooth texture and look.


  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Hair Spray
  • Styling gel for men
  • Towel
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