Trends Hair Color for Men 2018

Best Hair Color for Men

Best hair color for men. Looking for inspiration for men hairstyle trends for a new look in 2018? Check out these 12 hair color for men predicted to be popular in 2018. What makes men’s hair color a trend? What is the color variant, or is it the application technique? In fact, color trends do not change, but switch. It exactly describes the hair color for men we will see in 2018.


After a full year we see the trend with warm and natural colors, next year will be enlivened by a brighter, bolder color trends!

Some pastel colors will still be an option, ranging from blue, purple, to warm as reddish brownIn addition, the trendy ombre and golden highlights of the 90s will come back to life next year! What color options can you try to keep up to date ? Let’s see!

Inspire men’s hair color trends for your next style reference

1. Merman hair

Merman hair

Yes, you did not misread. Merman hair is a twist of mermaid words  that are inspired from the hair color of this underwater mythological creature. Unlike the mermaid  hair  in the Disney cartoon product that is red,  merman hair is actually sea blue, other variations are turquoise blue or  turquoise.

Purple violet

Purple violet

Best hair color for men. Once Pantone announces that violet will become a popular color next year, All Things Hair is sure that this hair color will also be popular among men! A peep variation of purple hair that you can make inspiration.


red men hair color

Remember when at the beginning we said 2018 is the time for bright colors in action? The red color is one of them. You can be creative with coloring techniques. If it seems too much to color the entire hair, why not color some of it?

Pastel colors

Pastel colors

Best hair color for men. Who said the pastel hair would not to be trending again? Next year the pastel colors like pink or with our predicted orange hue will still be popular.

edgy ash pink color

To make the color not too flashy, add a gray color to create an edgy ash pink color.

Bleach blonde or ice blonde

bleach blonde

No color is ‘paced’ in the next year. If you like the color of bright hair, choose the brightest variant for blond hair color , ie  bleach blonde or ice blonde ! This color is quite suitable for all skin tones.

editor tips: If the original color of your hair is black or dark, it will need repetitive bleaching  process  to get this bright color. For that make sure you care for hair with products that effectively protect hair from damage.

Reddish chocolate (auburn)

Reddish chocolate

There best hair color for mens are two red colors that will be popular in 2018, namely solid red  and reddish brown. Which would you choose?

Highlight of  gold

gold highlights

Ideally,  gold highlights combined with brown hair color. But if your natural hair color is black, you can also try this color variation. We think this color is suitable for yellow skin!

Ombre blonde

ombre blonde hair color

Surprisingly, ombre blonde hair color will still be a  trend  you know! If you have not had time to try, this is the right time!

Multi Color

Multi Color

The last is a mixture of two or more different colors. Try to choose a color that comes from the same primary or nuance colors. For example, turquoise blue with light blue, or green gray with bronze colors are equally warm.

mix hair color

In addition to mixing some colors, you can also apply it like this. Do not be afraid to be considered like Cruella de Vil, the antagonist in 101 Inatians cartoon,  because the trend of hair color of this man has begun to appear in some European countries!

Natural hair color

Natural hair color

Best hair color for men. The last  men hair color and no less important is the natural hair color. While the  color of gray hair  is trending,  just show off your aura of maturity by appearing as it is. Let the whitened hairs flourish and there is no need to hide behind the strokes of hair dye. Embrace your natural hair!

These are 12 trends hair color for men that are predicted to enliven in 2018. Our tip when choosing a hair color is to adjust it to skin color, personality, or even the majority of the color of your shirt. But what is the meaning of the new year if not accompanied by a new spirit, including the spirit of experiment. So what are you waiting for?

Good luck! See More Hair Colors


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