Best Hairstyles For Long Faces

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A long face shape can be flattered in so many ways. You can complement it with a short / medium & long hairstyle; all you need to do is to get a perfect hairstyle & color. I did some Google image search and I noticed that ladies with long faces don’t do straight long hairstyles, those who had them.

Used bangs to make diagonal shapes via the fore head, so if you have long straight hair, you can change it by making waves/ curls. On this list, I have featured only 4 best hairstyles for long faces, but in the near future, I will make a detailed list of at least 30 hairstyles and how to style them, so stay tuned.

Best Hairstyles For Long Faces

bob haircut for long face

BOB HAIRCUT:- A bob hair cut is commonly known as a blunt cut, it is a very cute and simple hairstyle, very easy to make and style. Bob haircuts can be worn by ladies of both long and round face shapes, but there is a difference in how they wear them. The way a lady with a long face cuts and shapes a bob is not the same way a lady with a round face does. So, let’s see how you can style that bob to flatter long face.


  • Damp your hair: – This should be the first thing you should do before cutting / flattening your hair to form a bob hairstyle. Use the best hair conditioner / shampoo to clean your hair and make sure you rinse it out in time. You can only use a leave-in conditioner when your hair is terribly dirty and oily. Rinse out that shampoo using cold water; this will leave your hair with a thick volume because it won’t tamper with oils and nutrients in your hair. Brush out your hair after drying it, this will ensure it has no tangles / knots, because those two can mess up that straight bob.
  • Divide your hair: – After brushing your hair straight, divide it into three workable sections. This will make it easy to cut your hair to form a bob haircut. You can use saloon clips to pin hair in one position. As you gather and pin your hair, it might get dry, don’t ignore the status of your hair at this moment, and spray it so that it gets moist and soft. It is very easy to cut & style soft hair.
  • Mark areas to be cut: – When you look at the bob haircut featured in the photo above, it has different levels and that means hair was cut on different levels. To get that particular bob haircut, you need to measure and mark areas to be cut. You can use white chalk to mark where the scissor will pass, follow those marking to get better results, or get help from a person close to you, ask them to do both the marking and cutting, but you to be sure of their accuracy and experience in the field of cutting hair, because any mistake made while cutting your hair can’t be reversed on instant, you will have to suffer the consequences of getting a bad haircut.
  • Start cutting: – Get sharp pairs of scissors and start cutting your hair right from marked areas. You should start cutting hair from the side and then get onto other sections. Release pinned sections one at a time until the all head is finished. Some sections like the back might be tricky to cut, so get help from someone.
  • Style the bang: – Since you have a long face, you need to cut your bang in an asymmetrical manner, sweep it to the sides; this will narrow down that long face and try to make it oval and a little bit shorter.
  • Spray and brush your hair straight:- After cutting your hair, it will be dry, so moist it first by using a hair spray and then brush it straight so that it looks exactly like that of the lady in the photo above. But if you have curly / wavy hair, you should consider flat ironing your hair; this will make it straight and suitable for this hair trend.
  • Trim split ends: – These will always occur when you straighten your hair, It is a condition which is inevitable, but the only solution for this is to trim split ends using an electric trimmer / clipper. If you do this, your bob haircut will look neat and well shaped.


  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Flat Iron ( this will make your hair straight within a very short period of time)
  • Heat Protectant ( use it before flat ironing your hair)
  • Electric trimmer (use it to remove split ends and to perfect the edges of the bob)
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