Best Julian Edelman Haircuts

When it comes to celebrity haircuts, there is a variety of designs to choose from with each having a unique origin and diverse styles. One of the most eye-catching hairstyles in the current fashion industry are those of Julian Edelman who is a wide receiver in the Patriots team. Notably, the Julian Edelman Haircuts makes him look both neat and sharp, on and off the field, thus complementing his celebrity status.


Why Haircuts are necessary

Despite the fact that long hair is preferred by some individuals, it can create a negative impression depending on the line of business, social class, or celebrity status. As such, regular haircuts are deemed important for all individuals, both male and female. By having a neat and a currently trending hairstyle, your self-image and confidence will be significantly boosted which goes a long way into raising your celebrity status. It is this notion that the famous NFL athlete Julian Edelman uses when choosing his haircuts which is why most of his styles are legendary.

Why Choose Julian Edelman Haircuts

Without a doubt, it is essential to maintain a proper and eye-catching hairstyle especially if you are a public figure. Notably, your haircut highly contributes towards your first impression in every event. Also, it boosts your self-confidence and courage especially if the style is appreciated and complemented by those around you.

As such, it is advisable to choose the best haircuts since they can easily define your public image and career. Below is a list of the five best Julian Edelman Haircuts which you can choose from during your next hair shave.

The Edelman Businessman Hairstyle

Edelman Businessman Hairstyle

This is a sleek hairstyle which is commonly used by Edelman when attending business meetings and other casual ceremonies. For every occasion, this athlete wears this hairstyle in a different way by using different gels and combing it differently. As such, if you are looking for a hairstyle which will easily blend with your casual or business outlook, this is the perfect choice for you.

The Edelman Coif

Edelman Coif

This is a very one of the most striking a complementary hairstyles of this athlete. Notably, the top part features a slightly raised and combed back style whereas the sides are closely trimmed using a razor which makes it look more like a military buzz style.

You will notice that the hair is long on the top part and there is little to no hair on the sides. This Julian Edelman haircuts is preferable when you are wearing a suit and a tie during official events. It will make you look sharp and presentable and will not compromise your celebrity look. You will only need to make small adjustments to the hairstyle when preparing for a different event.

The Edelman Short-Hair Style

Edelman Short-Hair Style

This is a neat, unique, and simple hairstyle used whenever this athlete wants to maintain short hair. For this style, the hair is considerably long on the top whereas the sides are evenly trimmed which overwrites the impression of buzz or taper looks on the sides of the head.

However, despite its simplicity, this hairstyle requires a little more maintenance but will still look flawless regardless of the setting. In case you are looking for a modest hairstyle which compliments every look and setting, the Edelman short-hair style will be perfect to go by with since it leaves you looking sharp and presentable in every attire and for every occasion.

The Edelman Fade

Edelman Fade

When trying to assume a traditional look, this is the hairstyle that Edelman uses. The style is very compatible with his workplace settings, formal events, and casual activities. This style is very efficient since it can easily be maintained through the use of gel giving it a continuous natural-looking wet look.

For Edelman, this hairstyle looks great with or without a beard and whenever he wears a beard, it is equally maintained and manicured. The beard adds mystique to Edelman’s character which makes it difficult to generate copycat styles. In this regard, if you are looking for a hairstyle that gives you a sharp look with or without a beard, the Edelman fade is the perfect choice.

The Faux Hawk

Edelman Faux Hawk

Notably, his is another twist on the actual haircut whereby a bit of holding gel and spray is used. This hairstyle works excellently when trying to create some edge over other celebrities. Considering that this style can be changed from time to time, it is easy to diversify one’s portfolio from time to time hence it is easy to assume different personalities and maintain relevance.

Through the above discussed hairstyles, Edelman shows that you can transform your hairstyle into a brand and there is no need to worry about making small deviations to the original style. By making a little input, you can maintain a well-manicured look which compliments your image and appearance despite the occasion or setting.


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