5 Beautiful Black Hairstyles For Long Hair 2018

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Black Hairstyles for Long Hair with Colors

Black Hairstyles for Long Hair with Colors

This is a classy straight and long hairstyle that looks effortlessly polished with some blonde streaks at the bangs and hair ends. In fact this lady looks very simple and elegant hence this means that she is perfect to go for any occasion. The hair is also styled in unique and professional way whereby one side displays the long straight hairstyle while the other side has less hair because most of the hair is pushed to the back.

How to style

  • Apply a good thermal styling cream starting from the hair roots to the tip in a simple and gentle motion.
  • Gently comb through hair with a wider toothed comb to make smooth and straight.
  • Section-up hair into 4 parts and then use a natural bristle round comb to brush each and every section while blow drying.
  • Create the full front bang and then resection your hair, flat iron all of it but in smaller sections.
  • Put a small amount of hair-oil to the hair ends inorder to avoid split ends.

Recommended product

Hair moisturizing sheen: to achieve all day shine and extra moisture to your long hairstyle, you may have to apply a good hair sheen that is meant to work on your natural long hair.

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