5 Best Black Women Short Hairstyles in 2018

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These days, many women are cutting their long hair to shorter lengths and this is mainly because they want to save time when styling hair and also shorter hairstyles are very easy to maintain yet they make you to feel free and comfortable. Short hairstyles are just perfect for busy women because they require less attention and maintenance than medium to longer hairstyles.

Black women like having short haircuts and this is because match perfectly with their personalities and even short hair styles always look trendy while making any lady to look a lot more younger and stylish. Below are some of the 5 best black women short hairstyles and it would be best if you tried out one to see how well it works on your short hair.

1. Black Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short bob Hairstyles for Black Women

This celebrity features a cute pixie haircut that makes her to look really fresh and beautiful. The haircut looks wispy and messy at the crown whereby all the hair at the top looks spiky while the hair on the sides is gently brushed downwards and in fact all her hair has a thick hair texture with a dark black tone that really matches her light skin tone.

How to style

  • Begin by molding wet hair from the center of your head down to the back and to the sides up to the ears but in a gentle way.
  • Slightly curl the hair at the crown with a flat iron so that you can achieve that spiky look. However, refrain from making too tight curls in order to get that loose and spiky effect.
  • Use the finger tips to make the curls at the loose and to make the hair that falls on the sides well-textured.
  • To add some hold and extreme shine to your haircut, you will have to apply a mist of a good firm holding spray.

Recommended product

Hair curling mousse: this will give your short hair ultimate volume and will also making curling your hair very quick and easy.

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