5 Cool Bun Hairstyles for Black Women in 2018

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If you have long or medium length hair, you can sum it up into a bun and change your looks on instant. A bun hairstyles for black women will save you from cutting your hair short, it’s a very relaxing and easy to do hairstyle like by many black women.

Buns differ in style, we have natural buns, braided buns, Topknot buns, Ponytail twist bun. Ponytail doughnut bun, Bobby pin bun, Messy Bun, sleek ballerina buns, sock buns and regular buns.

I guess you see how lucky you’re, because with all these options, you can fail to find what looks good on you. In this post I have featured 5 best examples of bun hairstyles for black women; you can choose what looks good on you. I will also show you how you can make a bun without spending a dime.


bun hairstyles for black women

bun hairstyles for black women

If you have been looking for simple hairstyle which give freedom to do whatever you want without bothering about your looks,, this is the best simple hairstyle I can recommend. It kind of competes with a ponytail hairstyle, because both of them require pulling hair away from the face and shoulders, but I personally prefer a bun to a ponytail. The lady above pimped her bun by adding a single French braid it runs from the front and enters the bun from the bottom, I guess that is a good way of making yourself unique, because you will encounter different bun hairstyles for black women, but adding a French braid will make you look unique and I’m sure that is your desire.


  • Prepare your hair: – Just like any other hairstyle, the first thing you have to do is to prepare your hair. This is a basic and it should not skipped or taken for granted. If you try to style your hair without conditioning / washing it, you will get undesirable results, so to save yourself from this mess, I suggest you follow all basic steps, because most of them take like 5 minutes to complete. With that in mind, you have to wash your hair with a natural shampoo which has some essential nutrients in it, these nutrients will help your hair look healthy. Wash out the shampoo using cold water to retain both the nutrients and natural oils produced by the scalp and then dry your hair using a blower / a towel. Make sure your hair stays wet free but moist and soft at the same time, so if you plan to use a blower to remove excess water, you have to set the blower at a moderate temperature. This will ensure that your hair stays moist but wet free. After that process, go ahead and brush your hair straight, this will remove tangles that always form when hair gets in-contact with water. Once your hair is tangle free and straight, you can follow the next step. (But those with curly hair, you have to use a wide toothed detangle hair brush, this will remove tangles and at the same time reserve your curls.
  • Pull your hair to the back: – After brushing your hair straight, you can now hold it to the back to create a simple ponytail hairstyle; this will be a temporary style because your goal is to make a bun. Remember, a bun hairstyles for black women can be made in more than one way. But me I will teach you how to make it using a sock. After pulling your hair to the back, secure it with a band be sure that all loose strands are included in the tail.
  • Sock that ponytail:- If you have some old socks, cut the bottom of one of your socks and create a hole. However, this sock will remain in your hair holding the tail & bun, so you better use a black sock, because its color will blend into your hair’s color. Get ready to sock your hair into the sock. Once the all tail is inside the sock, pull out a small section of you hair out of the sock and rolling it over the sock as you go downwards, make sure you form a doughnut shape using both your hair and the sock.
  • Make the bun:- After wrapping the ends of your ponytail around the sock, roll the sock towards the base, make sure hair has covered the sock completely and then secure your bun with bobby pins. Spray your hair and the bun to have a smooth moist burn hairstyle and get ready to rock with a new & simple hairstyle.


  • Old sock
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
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