Casual Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Sometimes all you need is a simple casual hairstyles, something which does not require too much attention. Let’s say you want to go for a vacation, the last thing you would like to spend time on is your hairstyle, but looking attractive is more of a priority to you, now the only thing you have to opt for is a casual hairstyles. In this post I have featured a few of them, but I will make more posts like this, so keep on checking this website every now and then for new Ideas.

Casual braided hairstyles for long hair

casual braided hairstyles for long hair

BRAIDED:- Long hair can be styled in so many ways; any small change you make will create a great impact on your looks. When I look at the lady featured in the photo above, I see a simple but stylish casual long hairstyle, I love the color tone of her hair, and it’s messy look. The braid is not outstanding that much, but still she looks pretty. Let’s see how you can have this type of casual long hairstyle.



  • Do the basics:- Before making that single / double braids in your hair, you need to prepare your hair for that new simple casual hairstyle. This can be done by shampooing / conditioning your hair. You should avoid shampoo which contains sulfate as an ingredient, always opt for organic shampoo & conditioning products, because,. not only do they leave your hair clean, but they add essential nutrients to your hair. Long hair needs more oils and nutrients, so if you use sulfate shampoo to clean, it strips all natural oils and nutrients, leaving your hair super dry and frizzy. After washing your hair, dry it using a blower and brush it straight to get rid of tangles.
  • Add color: – If you feel comfortable with the color of your hair at present, then this option will not make sense to you, jump to the next step below. But those who want to make a small color change. let’s roll and see what you can do to look exactly like the lady in the photo above: Buy dye which will give that particular hair color, read instructions on how to apply dye to your hair, make sure you look out for the time when dye should sit in your hair, because this all process is based on time, if dye over stays in your hair, it will damage it, and if it stays there for a less period of time, you will not get the right hair color, so note down the time. Wear gloves and start mixing the dye in a clean bowl, use a small brush to apply dye to your hair. Since you have long hair, you might need to gather it up and wrap it in a cap. Intense pressure will build up under the cap and this will make it easy for the dye to sink into your hair. However, if you find this all process time consuming, you can go to a saloon and get a professional hair dye, it’s even safer.
  • Damp your hair: – Your hair might get dry during the dying process, try to damp it using hair spray, this will make it soft and easy to braid.
  • Make braids: – This long casual hairstyle is not a full braided hairstyle; it features just two braids, one on each side. So you can do the same, simply gather small sections of your hair and braid them to make a cute and perfect braid. You can tousle the rest of the hair so that it looks a little bit messy.
  • Make waves: – These will appear at the bottom of your hair just like you see in the photo above. The main goal of making bottom waves is to add style to the hairstyle and at the same time make it look more casual.


  • Curling Iron ( use it to make bottom waves)
  • Heat Protectant ( you need to protect your hair from heat produced by a curling iron)
  • Hair gel / serum ( makes you hair smooth, but apply it in moderate amounts)
  • Hair Spray (use it after getting that perfect casual hairstyle)
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