Chic Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women 2018

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Trendy women always want to tryout something different like haircuts that make them look younger. Chic medium-length haircuts will make any lady to look fabulous and amazing because they are just in between long and short hair.

Shoulder length hairstyles will make you feel comfortable and free compared to long hairstyles while you can even achieve hairstyles for both short and long hair on your medium length hair. In this article I have listed 5 amazing chic medium length hairstyles that will make you look perfect during winter or summer. These simple chic hairstyles will even make you look pretty when going for work, a party or even a trip.

Chic Medium Hairstyles

Chic Medium Hairstyles

This cute lady displays a light brown hairstyle that contains soft and large waves which give her hair soft texture and movement as it flows below the chin. This simple and a bit sophisticated wavy hairstyle will help to enhance the bone structure by gently framing-out your long or round face shape.

Her fine hair is proportionally parted to the sides with wispy tips while the waves within it help to build some reasonable volume with added hair texture.


How to style

  • Spray a light texturizing spray through your towel dried hair just a few minutes after cleaning it out.
  • Part the hair from the center using a paddle-brush while leaving it to gently flow on both sides. Then comb through with your fingers inorder to detangle any locks within your hair.
  • Completely blow-dry hair as you prepare it for styling. Use a round brush as you blow dry to make hair sleek and straight.
  • Slightly curl your hair with a large barrel curling-iron inorder to create the soft, large and wavy curls at the lower sections.
  • Leave a few inches to the tips of the hair uncurled inorder to achieve a soft feel and look at the tips then mist over the hairstyle with a shine enhancing and hold spray.

Recommended product

Styling mousse: this offers your hair with optimum volume while making it soft and ready to be styled. Some styling mousse’s can act as heat protectants and may even add shine to your natural hair.

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