Chic Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women 2018

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Chic Wavy Medium Hairstyles

Chic Wavy Medium Hairstyles

This is a black toned mid-length haircut with a slightly tousled hair texture as it drops below this beautiful lady’s head. This hairstyle has gently tousled waves afew inches away from the crown and these turn into finely textured curls as hair approaches the hair-tips.

The style even features a heavy front-bang that is swept to the sides while covering the entire forehead. This face framing hairstyle will flatter your long or oval shaped face with its trendy fringe while the tousled curls will add some style and definition to your medium length hair.

How to style

  • Work a smaller amount of a good styling foam or crème through towel-dried hair. Avoid applying too much of any product into your hair because this tends to weigh it down hence making it hard to style.
  • Deeply hair to one side using a favorite paddle brush then section-off some hair and push it to the front inorder form the cute fringe. Leave hair in the smaller section to drop gently on the other side.
  • Blow-dry as you tousle hair with finger-tips in order to get rid of any locks or tangles as your hair dries up.
  • Use a medium sized or 1-inch curling iron to create the waves around the nape section and the soft, curly ringlets at the lower section.
  • Tousle hair slightly because this will help to soften the waves and curls while creating a sassy texture throughout the hairstyle then finish up with a medium-hold spray for a shiny look.

Recommended product

Thermal-protection spray; it protects hair from heat as you curl it using your curling-iron.

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