5 Awesome Medium Shag Haircuts 2018

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Medium shag haircuts have continued to be the most versatile hairstyles. Whatever hair texture may be, a shag hairstyle will always offer several possibilities that will work perfectly on your hair whether it’s thick or fine. Shag hairstyles always contain extra layers at the crown and these help to add some lift to fine or thin hair while girls with thicker hair will achieve maximum control and definition with shag hairstyles.

Some women are confused by the term shag haircuts but this actually means hair that is a bit messy but also somehow well-textured and in fact such hairstyles look great on every face shape hence if you would like to try something new, then go for a medium shag hairstyle and see how it will make you look. Here is a collection of 5 awesome medium shag haircuts that will help you find which one works perfectly on your hair type and face shape.

Chic Medium Shag Haircuts

medium shag haircuts

This medium shag haircuts really rocks with several disconnected layers throughout coupled with a choppy side swept bangs cover one of her eyes. The short and long layers in this haircut really help to enhance movement to her thick hair. The hair tips look wispy, cropped and slightly flipped inwards hence bringing out a complete shag hairstyle.


How to style

  • Blow-dry hair in smaller sections with a paddle brush while taking downward strokes. Make sure you dry and style the hair ends under but not outwards.
  • For a longer lasting hairstyle, grab a flat-iron to smooth and seal your hair. This should be done a low heat level in order to prevent damaging the hair strands.
  • Rake your fingers through the styled hair inorder to create light separation all over inorder to create that shag look.
  • Complete your hairstyle with a light holding serum or a hairspray inorder to add some hold and shine to the shag hairstyle. However, this will depend on what you prefer to use but some people even skip this step.

Recommended product

A drying and shaping hairspray: to achieve great hold and shine with a touchable hair texture, you need to mist your hair with this spray.

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