Tips on Using Coconut Oil for Treat Hair

Coconut Oil for Hair Loss

Coconut oil for hair loss and many more benefits for hair. However, how to use coconut oil for hair properly? Find the answer here. Coconut oil is now increasingly popular, not just for consumption but for various beauty purposes such as moisturizing the skin, brushing teeth, even treating hair. The coconut oil for hair used usually is extra virgin coconut oil.

coconut oil for hair

Starting from food, to beauty, coconut oil has always been famous as a natural ingredient that can be used for beauty. The content in it is believed to nourish dry hair. In addition, coconut oil for hair is also used to make the hair is not easily tangled, easy to set. Coconut oil can also be a hair mask to make hair smoother and softer.

If you are interested in trying natural treatments with this coconut oil, the first thing you should look into is how to use it appropriately.

Tips to treat hair with coconut oil

1. As anti creasing treatment

Coconut oil for hair loss and many more benefits. If you have long, curly hair, you are dealing with tangled and unruly hair. In addition to using the right conditioner , you can complete your treatment with coconut oil. Before combing, you can use this coconut oil to help your hair not easily tangled.

The first way, prepare a comb and two bowls of different sizes; small and large. Make sure the smaller bowl can fit into a larger bowl. Enter enough coconut oil to match the length of your hair on a small bowl. Pour lukewarm water with a larger bowl of pepper, then insert a smaller bowl in the container. Warm the coconut oil in the bowl for a while until it melts.

Use your fingers to massage the hair shaft, from the tip of the hair to the middle, and the base of the hair. Avoid the roots of hair. After flattening, comb your hair slowly starting from the tip of the hair to the base Once absorbed, hair your hair with a hair dryer or flat iron.

2. To moisturize very dry hair

Coconut oil for hair loss. Because coconut oil for hair contains good fatty acids, coconut oil is more easily absorbed by the hair. This makes coconut oil a second conditioner . Coconut oil can function as a leave-in conditioner when your hair is hard to regulate. This is how easy!

First, make sure you have an hour or two for this treatment, because the longer coconut oil absorbs in your hair, the result will be maximal. Wash your hair as usual, then use conditioner. After rinsing, let it dry naturally (without hair dryer).

Prepare hair, comb, shower cap or towel. You can prepare coconut oil the way you used it, using a bowl and warm water. After the coconut oil has melted, massage the oil on the tip of the hair down to the middle.

Focus on the application of hair that requires more moisture. When finished dressing the whole coconut and hair using a small towel or shower cap, and let stand for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can style your hair as usual.

3. Moisturises and cools the scalp

Coconut oil for hair loss. The content in coconut oil has cooling properties, so that coconut oil can make your skin feel calm. For example, when it is itching or dry, you can massage the coconut on your scalp. When the new sun is dried all day or when the scalp is dry and itchy, you can try this way.

First, prepare the coconut oil as in the previous step. Wet all hair and wash with running water. Afterwards, take the prepared coconut oil and gently massage on the scalp. Let stand for 20 minutes. Afterwards do not forget to wash your hair until clean.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair & How to Use Them

Coconut oil for hair loss. Coconut is well known for its usefulness for hair. However, do you know the full benefits of coconut oil hair mask and how to use them?

Coconut oil is one source of food that is known to be rich in fatty acids that have antibacterial and antimicrobial functions. Coconut oil also contains high lauric acid which can prevent the loss of protein content in the hair. These properties can be used as coconut oil hair mask to keep hair healthy.

how to use coconut oil for hair

What is the right way to use coconut oil hair mask? Can your hair type use this type of mask? Let ‘s find out together!

Although coconut oil is rich in benefits, the reaction can be different in every individual. Efficacy coconut oil hair mask is most effective when used by the owner of dry hair or a lack of protein in her hair. The owner of thin hair will also feel the benefits because it can help make hair more elastic and fluffy. Can also add marula oil or argan oil as a hair mask.

How to Use coconut oil mask
Coconut oil mask can leave residue on the scalp and make hair so oily if not applied properly.

1. Preheat

The trick can be all sorts. For example, by rubbing it in the palm of your hand, or warm it in a glass soaked in warm water, it can also heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Make sure the temperature is not too hot to be harmless when in direct contact with your skin.

2. Pay attention to the dosage

Start with a small amount. Do not use coconut oil hair mask in excess because it expects maximum results. The recommended dosage is as much as your usual conditioner .

3. Avoid scalp

Simply apply coconut oil hair mask evenly starting from the tip of the hair. Avoid scalp areas. Because, although coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, the direct use of the scalp will actually make the scalp is not healthy. Remnants of oil that are not rinsed clean will accumulate and can cause new problems. For that, you should avoid the scalp area when using this mask.

4. Squeeze the hair

After applying evenly to the hair shaft, knead your hair for a perfectly absorbed mask and cover with a shower cap or a dry towel.

5. Give the time it takes

In order for the benefits of oil hair head mask can work optimally, leave overnight. But if you wear it during the day or not have a lot of time, let stand for 20 minutes then clean the hair as usual.

6. Add other ingredients

There are several ways to make this mask work more powerful. This method is also suitable for those who do not like the texture of sticky coconut oil. Combine coconut oil with honey for a softer hair result. You can also mix it with yoghurt, lemon, or egg.

Coconut oil does have many benefits for hair, does not it? After reading you must be aware that hair care with coconut oil is not difficult, Which one is your favorite?

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