10 Best Conor Mcgregor Haircut and How to Get Them

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Conor Mcgregor Haircut

Conor Mcgregor name remained hidden in the boxing world until later when he took the fashion industry by the storm with stylish and trendy hairstyles. From short to long hair, conor McGregor haircut and beard enamor guys with dense straight, generous hair to complete the sportiest hairstyles. Below is conor mcgregor haircut and how to style them.


1.Undercut with Slicked Back Hair

conor mcgregor haircut

At a glance, McGregor whips up a full-fledged slicked back undercut that perfectly illuminates sheen to his curls. The more extended hair on top allows seamless styling in this staple haircut for most guys. By trimming the sides and back with knife-edge-precise length, he left the distance-end-to-end on top ready slicking back.

How To Style

  • You’ll need a clipper, gel and a comb as well as undercut sides and the back
  • Slick back the hair after smearing some gel to maintain the volume
  • The sideburns become vivid where the beard contour extends to meet
  • Curry and trim down your beard while still visible, into a gentle version, enriching the sleek style
  • A colored glass polishes off the hairstyle
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