5 Smooth Curly Short Haircuts For Women

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Smooth curly short haircuts for women with thick hair

smooth curly short hair cuts for women with thick hair

Curly short haircuts.. This white lady features a super short, naturally curly haircut with a deep side part and a simple side fringe. In fact this is smartly layered hairstyle with huge gradual waves throughout that lay on each other and also the hair does not drop past her head.

The side part greatly helps in changing the overall shape of the hairstyle thus giving this lady a different, cute vibe. On the other hand, the blonde hair color coupled with a dark base actually looks natural and this gives the entire haircut a classy and effortless look.

How to style:

  • Rush to the bathroom and begin washing hair with a shampoo that works well on natural hair. You may even have to condition your during the cleaning process in order to make it feel soft and fresh.
  • Gently apply a gel to your damp, towel-dried hair and then begin to sculpt it into position. Try to use a large curling wand to bend the hair in order to get that curly effect.
  • Spray your finished style with a medium hold hairspray so that hair can be locked into place for the whole day and this spray even adds some reasonable shine to your haircut thus giving you a complete look.

Recommended product:

Clear hair-paste: this product gives optimum control and texture to your short curly haircut while adding extra shine and flexible hold for the whole day. Curly short haircuts.

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