Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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This article is specifically targeting women who want to tryout a hairstyle that is between short and long hair which is referred to as a medium length hairstyle. Mid-length haircut will actually flatter any face shape, their length makes you to feel very comfortable, free and feminine compared to extremely long or short haircuts.

I have presented 5 cute hairstyles for medium length hair for any woman to look forward to. These include curly, wavy, straight, fine and thick hairstyles and that’s why you will be able to find one that works best for you.

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

hairstyles for medium length hair

This medium length hair platinum blonde hairstyle looks simple, sexy and sweet whereby it be can worn from day to night. Its smoothly styled with a beautifully sophisticated texture coupled with sweet and flirty fringe that is swept to one side.

This cute hairstyle has a little bit of volume throughout with longer layers at the back and shorter ones at the front. the tips of the hairstyle are bluntly cut and flipped under on one side while the other side is bent outwards but all the hair hangs just a few inches above the shoulders.


How to style

  • Add quality volumizing foam to well-cleaned damp hair then start blow-drying the bangs forward with help of a small paddle-brush to make them lay smoothly and sideways.
  • Continue drying out all the hair under as you brush it out with a large round-brush.
  • Starting with the crown, backcomb hair while leaving it to fall freely at the back then comb the rest of the hair as you push it to the sides.
  • To give your hairstyle extra oomph or texture use a boar bristle-brush to comb it down then tease it gently with your fingers then spray over your hair with a medium-hold spray.

Recommended product

Extra body styling-foam: this product will work perfectly when it comes to achieving extra body within your hairstyle.

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