Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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Cute Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Cute Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair

The mid-length hairstyle featured above contains spiral curls that are softly tousled giving this lady flirty and sexy look. this hairstyle is center parted from the top where by just a few inches are left before its curled and you can see that the hair volume at the top is a lot but it gradually reduces as the curls approach the shoulders with completely fine and wispy hair tips. The curls were carefully styled away from the face leaving facial features visible yet framing this oval face shape.

How to style

  • For best results, wash your hair and give it some good time to air-dry. You may even use a dry shampoo on your hair instead of washing it. Apply the shampoo at the roots and then gently rub into the scalp inorder to absorb any excess oils and to get tones of volume.
  • Run a wide-toothed comb through your mid-length hair to make sure that all tangles are removed. Section hair from the crown-area then let it fall below the head gently.
  • To achieve these soft spiral curls, use a one-inch curling rod and then begin to gently wrap small sections of hair around this curling-rod starting at the roots.
  • Continue the curling process as you release and drop the hair that has been curled until all hair is turned into curls.
  • Apply a dime-sized amount of a favorite finishing-wax or crème and then rub it gently within your hands. After, lightly run the fingers throughout your hair to distribute the product while breaking the curls up.
  • Use the finger to style or place the hair into shape as you desire then complete with a hold and shine enhancing spray.

Recommended product

Dry hair-shampoo: this is an excellent hair-product that will help to absorb excess oil from your hair while giving it amazing volume.

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