Cute Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

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On prom day, all you need is a fancy hairstyle and a fancy dress; this is a day for having fan, meet old schoolmates and new ones. This is a moment in your teenage life you will not forget. However, most of your friends will have long hairstyles, but that should not shock you.

It’s possible to style that short hair and get the best look than those with long hair, cherish what you have and style it in the best way ever.  On this list, I have featured some of the best prom hairstyles for short hair.


wet straight hair

If you want to look formal and professional on that prom day, then this is the best short hairstyles for prom for you. It is quite elegant and classic, you will attract everyone’s eyes, and some of them might even want to touch your hair thinking you’re just from the shower. Wet straight hairstyles have become so popular among celebrities, it’s a vintage hairstyle but every year I see it, it seems new to my eyes.


  • Shampoo / condition your hair in a normal way: – To get this sleek and smooth wet hairstyle, you need to wash your hair properly; this will help you remove dirt and any dandruff that might be found in your hair. It is better you use a natural hair product to wash your hair, because type of hair, looks better when its thick and smooth, so using a shampoo which has natural oils will enhance the thickness and smoothness of your hair. Rinse of the product using cold water, this will reserve all natural oils and leave that short hair with a thick volume.
  • Brush your hair straight: – I’m not sure if it’s necessary to wait for this hairstyle to dry, because it’s a wet straight short hairstyle. May be what you can do is to let it dry by its self, and then apply a cream / gel to make it thick and wet at the same time. Brush it straight but comb it to the back just like the lady in the photo above did. Make sure hair which is near your ears is pushed behind the ear.
  • Spray your hair: – Even though you applied a cream / gel , your hair needs a holding spray which will hold that straight sleek short hairstyle in position.
  • Trim Split Ends:- According to experience, I have noticed that I get split ends whenever I brush my hair straight, so to keep everything neat, you have cut off those split ends using a pair of scissors.


  • Shampoo & Conditioner ( this will help in cleaning your hair, but avoid shampoo which has sulfate, this chemical is very strong, it will clean your hair very well, but at the same time, it will strip all natural oils)
  • Detangling Brush (remove tangles immediately after washing your hair.
  • Straight Hair Spray ( it straightens your hair at the same time give it a smooth / sleek look)
  • Cream / Gel :- ( This is a wet hairstyle, so it has to be highly moist.
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