Cute Waterfall French Braid Hairstyles

If you’re looking for long casual hairstyles, look no further because waterfall French braids are the best casual hairstyles for long hair. Creating a waterfall French braid is not as complicated as braiding every strand on your head, with this nature of hairstyle, you will only braid one section of your hair and let the rest of the hair straight. In this post, I have featured 4 easy to do waterfall French braid hairstyles, but we shall also learn how to do a waterfall French braid, follow these steps and give it a try, if you fail on the first attempt, you can repeat the process until you nail it.

Cute Waterfall French Braid Hairstyles

Waterfall French Braid

Learn how to get this hairstyle, follow each step correctly.


  • Start by washing your hair:- Many times I see ladies jumping straight to making this nature of braids without cleaning and preparing their hair, you might be successful and get a waterfall French braid, but I doubt if it will be neat and smooth. You should always condition and shampoo your hair before styling it, this practice makes your hair neat and ready for a new hairstyle. Since waterfall French braids look nice with thick hair, I suggest you use an organic shampoo / conditioner, this nature of product will add more natural oils to your hair which will make it thick. Rinse out the shampoo / conditioner using cold water; this will leave your hair with more natural oils and at the same time thick. Let your hair dry naturally or use a blower to dry it, but make sure you set the blower to an average temperature; this will ensure that heat produced by the blower does not damage your hair or make it too dry.
  • Brush your hair straight:- After drying your hair, brush it straight so that you get rid of tangles and knots that might have formed while conditioning. However, if your hair becomes too dry, damp it by sprinkling some water over it or you can alternatively use a shine serum to make it smooth and soft.
  • Make sections in your hair:- Remember, you will not braid the all head, just a small section will be covered, but splitting your hair into 3 – 4 sections will make it easy for you to make a waterfall French braid. You can use pin hair which will not be braided to the top or on the sides.
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