Stunning Hairstyles Ideas for Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

You may be looking to add some dark brown hair with red highlights this summer. Highlights are pretty simple to do. In addition,they won’t wreak a lot of havoc on your beautiful hair as would bleaching or colouring your entire hair.

They will add a pop of colour to your hair to change up your look without costing your hair, as well as an arm and a leg.  You can highlight your hair at home by yourself, just ensure to follow the box or Google’s instructions very clearly.

Or, if you’re scared you can just contact your professional salon. Prior to the appointment, you should let your stylist know exactly what you want by showing them pictures of girls with your hair type so that both of you are clear on the end result.

Here are some examples of Dark Brown Hair with Highlights:

1. Caramel Light Brown Highlights – I am sure you have eaten a caramel sweetie before, then you know the colour. Now, imagine that on your hair. Caramel highlights have been worn for decades, it is timeless. The caramel highlights will enhance the shade of your dark brown hair. Doing the streak method will add more sophistication to your style.

Caramel Light Brown Highlights

2. Warm Brown Highlights – These are the “Safe” highlights. It’s not a dramatic colour and is almost the shade of your dark brown hair. The only difference is, it’s a “tad bit” lighter, hence the term “Warm brown”. The warm brown highlights blend in very well with your dark brown hair. Hence, if it’s your first time highlighting your dark brown hair and you are not sure which colour to select, this is your best bet. You can request that your stylist does more streaks at the top than the bottom of your hair, so there is a beautiful compliment.

Warm Brown Highlights

3. Smokey Brown Highlights – This another safe highlight colour. It will blend in with your dark brown hair very well. It is a subtle highlight, not overbearing. If applied with layers and soft curls it will give your hair volume, depth, and dimension.

Smokey Brown Highlights

4. Copper Toned Highlights –Although we know copper as silver, it has a red undertone. Therefore, your hair will have a red tinted hue colour as well. It gives your hair a beautiful complement between the colours, dark brown and red. These highlights will make your hair look classy.

Copper Toned Highlights

5. Grey Highlights – This colour highlight is very new to the beauty world but it is trending. It is
usually would be worn by older ladies whose hair starts greying. So, they would add grey highlights to have their hair colour looking even. Grey highlights are now being worn by the younger generation. This new hair colour will allow you to look chic.

Grey Highlights


6. Ash Blonde Highlights –This may be your favourite look out of all them. Your highlights can start near the roots like in this picture, or from the middle of your hair to your ends. It all depends on your preference. These highlights provide a cool tone complement for your hair. As you look down to the end, the colour becomes more silver or light grey, hence ash.

Ash Blonde Highlights

7. Shiny Light Autumn Highlights – Light autumn highlights will complement well with your dark brown hair. In addition, the sheen that you will receive from oils, hair spray or even your natural oils from your scalp will make your hair look “glossy”. You can do a balayage effect which will allow your hair to look fuller and voluminous.


Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Shiny Light Autumn Highlights

8. Chestnut Highlights –Chestnut highlights have been worn by many females for years. They blend well with your dark brown hair. You will get many compliments with these highlights because it will make your hair pop.

Chestnut Highlights

9. Blonde and Auburn Tiger Striped Highlights – If you want your hair to be noticed by any individual, then this is the highlights colour to ask your stylist to do. The tiger stripes, blonde, and auburn colours on your dark brown hair will add a unique contrasting feature. This two shade highlights are definitely in and will fit every hair type. It will give your hair dimension.

Blonde and Auburn Tiger Striped Highlights

10. Maple Brown Highlights – You may or may not be a fan of pancakes with maple syrup but I am sure you know how it looks. In addition, the taste is definitely worth you eating more than 1 pancakes for breakfast. This highlight was inspired by the colour of maple syrup. The hair can be lightly or heavily streaked with the maple brown colour from the roots, middle, or at your ends. It definitely complements your dark brown hair. Lastly, the colour is long lasting because it will not get ashy after a while.

Maple Brown Highlights

11. Burnt Red Highlights –  Dark brown hair with red highlights will work for any hair colour, especially dark brown. The colour burnt or dark red is definitely a sexy colour that will have all eyes on you. Getting your hair highlighted with burnt red will add volume and dimension to your hair. Lastly, it will complement your dark brown hair really well.

Burnt Red Highlights

12. Metallic Silver Highlights – This highlight is very similar to grey highlights because the shades are the same. It’s definitely making trends within the beauty community as well. Highlighting your hair with silver will definitely give you a youthful look for a very long time. Adding layers, and bouncy curls will give your hair dimension, volume, and even depth. You can also try dark brown hair with red highlights.

Metallic Silver Highlights

13. Bronze Balayage Highlights –Another trendsetter within the beauty community. Bronze highlights are great for dark brown hair. They complement it very well because of its cool undertone. When it is balyaged unto your hair it makes you look chic. It can be worn with long and even short hair. Also, it is perfect for your next vacation hairstyle.

Bronze Balayage Highlights

14. Light Brown Highlights – This hairstyle is a mixture of brown colours.The light brown highlights will give you a classy look. In addition, it gives the illusion of your hair having natural highlights. This is definitely a “you were born this way” look.

Light Brown Highlights


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