Easy Halloween Hairstyles – For Woman & Kids

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Halloween is a day which is dedicated to remembering the dead. This day is celebrated in many countries on 31st October of every year. It is a day celebrated by adults and kids, Christians and non-Christians, so it very special day because one day, you or me will be dead and it feels good that on 31st October I or you will be remembered.

However, on this day, every one wants to look unique, if you have watched horror movies or the movie called ”Walking Dead”, you must have seen scenes of real dead people walking, all that is staged for entertainment purpose, but on Halloween day, you will see more people dressed to scare you.

They do all sorts of makeup and hairstyles to cause fear, but it’s all done for fan. In this post, I have featured some cool & crazy Halloween hairstyles. Most of them you can do by yourself, so I will give you a few tips on what to do.

easy halloween hairstyles

Mermaid: This wavy long hairstyle might not be that scary but you can make the all composition scary using crazy makeup on your face. I have watched horror movies and I always see witches with this type of hairstyle, don’t worry, no will call you a witch because 31st October is more of a crazy day to so many people. Yes, they will get scared, but you won’t be tagged for long.


  • Make Waves: – If you don’t have wavy hair, you can easily get them. You can use either traditional methods or a curling iron. But if you use a curling iron, remember to apply a heat protectant. A curling iron will give you quick results compared to making braids or buns. However, before making those waves, you have to shampoo / condition your hair so that it gets clean and ready for waving, but remember to use organic hair shampoo / conditioner because they add nutrients and essential oils to your hair which makes it thick after rinsing the shampoo.
  • Dye / Bleach your hair:- After getting those thick charming waves, you can color your hair just like the lady in the photo above. Choose a color which looks good on you, but it has to be striking and eye catching. Since it’s a one day ceremony, you have to opt for a temporary hair color dye, because you can easily wash it out using warm water.


  • Hair dye (choose a temporary hair dye, it is very easy to rinse out)
  • Curling Iron ( this will make waves on instant, but you have to be cautious, apply a heat protectant before using this tool)
  • Holding hair spray (it will keep those waves intact the all day, so you don’t have to about your hair while having fan)
  • Heat protectant spray ( It creates a strong shield against heat produced by a curling / flat iron)
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