Easy Long Wavy Hairstyles For Women

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Long wavy hairstyles are becoming more popular these days and this because they are very easy to style and even look great for any season. These soft waves in hair are very complimentary to every facial shape so this means that there is always a wavy hairstyle that can make you look your best no matter the hair type or face shape.

Wavy hairstyles also create more volume to hair most especially if you have fine hair and this is really a great thing because most women have naturally thin hair so they will look for all ways to add volume to their hairstyle.

Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long Wavy Hairstyles

This lady has a long wavy hairstyles with long layers that are sliced all around her head and this adds more to her looks or beauty. Her hair has a nice black color that contrasts perfectly with her skin color and you can also notice that the hair is thicker and the waves even make it look thicker.

The hair is sectioned for the center of the head leaving each part to drop freely below her shoulders. The crown areas looks smooth and sleek but as hair flows downwards, waves begin to form and hair becomes extremely wavy at the extreme ends.

How to style:

  • Use a nice moisturizing shampoo that is meant to work on thick, textured hair to clean your hair. This is because such a hair type requires a lot of moisture than other hair textures.
  • Wrap hair in a dry silk towel in order to remove any water from the hair. This can also help to the conditioning process more intense in case you applied a hair conditioner without even using much this hair product.
  • Put a curling cream into damp hair so that the wave creation process can be made easier. This hair product should be made of natural ingredients in order to keep hair looking healthy.
  • Get a diffuser and set it to a medium heat and then start drying hair until you feel that it’s just moist but not totally dry. After leave hair to air dry from that point as you prepare yourself for the next step.
  • Use a large barrel curling iron that is about 3 to 4 inches and then start creating waves in your hairstyle. But leave the top area as it is and start curling around the ear section moving below the head.

Recommended product:

A heat protection styling spray: this can sprayed on either wet or dry hair so that it can be protected from heat in order to keep it looking healthy.

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