Easy Long Wavy Hairstyles For Women

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African American Long Wavy Hairstyles

african american long wavy hairstyles

The African American lady seen above has a trendy wavy hairstyle with touchable tresses that make really perfect for summer. Her thick black hair was combed side to side creating a center part and it was curled away from the face as it flows below the head creating a soft cascading feel. The crown area was left to look very sleek and smooth while the lower sections were tampered with in order to create the gorgeous waves.

How to style:

  • Part your hair down from the center and then comb through it thoroughly. Apply your best heat styling hair product to protect hair from any heat produced during the styling.
  • Section-up and secure hair from the ears leaving the top section as it is and working start working on the lower section.
  • Pick a larger sized curling iron and then start to curl the hair pieces of the dropped down section. While curling this section, leave at least 2-inches at hair ends out of the curling iron because this will help to make hair ends look loose and soft.
  • Curl the front sections away from the face and on either side in order to create a cascading effect.
  • Try to gently tease the hair roots in order to add some volume and then spray the whole head with a good hairspray.

Recommended product:

Anti-frizz shining serum: if you wish to add some shiny look to your long wavy hairstyle then you may have to buy a quality shine serum and this product even helps to keep hair feeling soft smooth to style making styling it much easier.

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